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Acne is a skin disease that affects nearly 85% of the world's population aged between 12 and 13.Acne Mask can soothe and clean the skin of acne.Especially chicken protein mask is one of the most effective homemade acne remedies for acne.

It will help reduce redness, extract oil and blackheads.Clean your face and neck with fresh water before using any mask.In short, take off all the cosmetics, creams, lotions: everything.Use wear-free, non-aggressive soap if necessary.After you finish, shoot your skin dry.

To make a chicken protein mask, just break an egg.Now, carefully separate the egg yolk from the egg yolk.Now, stir this protein to form a bubble.Clean the face and apply the mask gently.Apply this to your face with your fingertips.Stay 15 to 20 minutes.Rinse clean with warm water.Repeat the week every day to see how it makes a difference to your skin.The red dot is obviously lighter and will tighten pores when used frequently.
You can also use it with other face packs or mix it with your own ingredients.People who are allergic to eggs and protein should obviously avoid using this recipe.Contains vitamin A that helps remove acne scars.Egg yolks and eggs can be used together or with lemon juice.

* It makes large pores shrink.
* It gives an excellent tightening effect to the skin.
* Instant effect on wrinkles.
* It removes excess oil from the face and acts as a good oil balance agent.
It makes you look younger.
* It is a cheap and natural home remedy with no side effects.
I recommend once a week, even twice a week if the skin feels greasy or uncomfortable.Protein mask suitable for teenagers.This mask is best for oily or oily skin.Chicken protein mask can be used once or twice a week.
The benefits of applying a chicken protein mask to your face are minimal.This is a natural, ecologicalFriendly in the kitchen, easy to access, which helps a lot with the skin.Enough chemical warfare!
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