what kind of facial mask is good for oily skin Natural Prevention Tips for Actinic Keratosis

Known as photochemical corner disease, daylight corner disease, or short AK is a small and tough circle that will stretch out the surface of the skin due to too much exposure.This skin condition is usually red or pink with white scales on the side, ranging from 2-6mm in diameter.In addition to the rough appearance of AK, too many people and clothes will feel pain.
To make matters worse, Guanghua corner disease is a pre-cancerous skin disease, but the likelihood of skin cancer is slim due to AK.People who suffer from the angle of the Sun must concentrate on getting away from the sun.When a skin condition like AK is recognized and treated, its visible aspect will no longer be a problem.However, if it is indeed superficial, it is called squamous cell carcinoma, skin cancer.Remember to seek medical care to prevent AK from worsening.
Ultraviolet radiation is the highest at about 10: 00.m to 5:00 p.So far away from the sun.Use clothes that protect your skin from the sun.Hats, trousers and trousers are a good choice for sun protectionsleeved shirts.
It is recommended to wear sunglasses during strong sunlight.
To block the UV rays, make sure you leave your house with sunscreen.The sunscreen factor (SPF) must be at least 15.Even when it's cloudy, it's important to use it every day.
Stay away from the tanning salon.This popular method of artificial tanning will emit ultraviolet radiation, which will cause damage to the skin in the near future.
As you know, only 20% of UV rays are blocked even on cloudy days.
Lotion or gel on the skin for more protection.
They have now been exposed to the treatment for the prevention and treatment of AK or daylight corner disease, using them daily.Keep in mind that these tips will not work if they are not used frequently.

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