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Skin care is an important part of our health.We learned from the previous article that the skin care procedure includes 3 steps of cleaning, moisturizing and protection.You should choose the right product for each step to get the best results.
We can find many kinds of skin care products in cosmetics stores.These products, such as detergent, sunscreen, moisturizer, eye cream, etc., may help with your daily skin care.
Now, let's dive into these products and how they can improve the skin condition of each process.
During the cleaning process, you must find the cleaner that suits your skin.Cleaning agents help remove dirt, debris, contaminants and sweat that pile up on the skin throughout the day.They appear in the form of liquid, foam, or bar.
After cleaning, you must find the right product to moisturize and protect your skin and keep it in good condition.

Moisturizers can soothe dry skin and make wrinkles less noticeable.They have cream, lotion and oil.Oil-based moisturizers are good for severely dry skin on arms and legs, while creams or lotions may be good;This is a better option for the face as it will make it feel less heavy and greasy.Use a moisturizer immediately after taking a shower to seal the moisture into the skin.

Eye cream can help improve the condition of fragile skin around the eyes.They help replenish water and protect the area, and even help minimize dark circles or temporarily tighten fine lines.

Skin Toner provides extra cleaning for skin that is easy to merge or greasy.But avoid toner if your skin dries.These skin care products often contain alcohol or acetone, which can aggravate the dryness or sensitivity of the skin.

Moisturizers and cleaners containing exfoliating agents help improve the appearance of the skin by shedding dead cells from the surface of the skin.They may also help to eliminate the appearance of the skin, or even the discoloration of excessive exposure to the sun.Since older skin does not lose dead skin cells as easily as younger skin, exfoliating agents may be a good product for skin that appears rough and yellow due to age.

Sunscreen is an essential product for the care and protection of the skin.While it's true that the body needs to be in the sun for a while to synthesize vitamin D, you really only need 10-15 minutes a dayExcessive sunlight can lead to changes in skin cells, resulting in damage.
People with fair skin need more experience than people with darker skin.But dark skin is also damaged.The amount of freedom to use a natural sunscreen with at least SPF 15 should prevent sunlight-Reduce the risk of skin cancer.Sunscreen has been included in many moisturizers.

Local vitaminsA base product called vitamin A acid has made significant progress in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.They help temporarily "plump" the areas around wrinkles, thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles.This is not a long-term solution, but it does bring some direct results.

Green tea and other herbal antioxidants can be used locally or orally to combat free radical damage and improve the overall skin appearance.

Q10 is a naturally occurring cellular antioxidant that shows potential in the prevention and treatment of several diseases such as heart disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.Due to its wrinkle resistance, it is also used in many moisturizing products.
You can also find other products for yourself if your skin needs some special care, but if you can ask your doctor or beauty consultant for help, you are more likely to choose the right skin care solution for yourself and get the effect you want.
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