what kind of facial mask is good for oily skin What is the Difference Between a Balm, a Cream and a Lotion?

We all have skin problems to some extent.Sometimes they are not that serious, but we still try to find the best product to solve the problem.The problem is, find the right one when there are so many people offering services.How do we decide which one is more suitable for our skin?How do we make sure that the one we choose is the best for our condition?We will now determine the answer to a very important question: What is the main difference between sesame oil, cream and lotion?
Cream is a local component that is commonly used on the face.Cream is half lotionThey are made up of oil and water.It is called oil that contains a large amount of water and a small amount of oil-in-water.Because they are easier to wash off and are not heavy, these preparations are used in cosmetic creams.Water-in-Oil, on the contrary, has a small amount of water in more oil.Most of the time they are used as prescription drugs because some drugs and water do not work well.Oil though for makeup-in-Water cream is used more often if you need moisturein-Oil preparations are more effective because they reduce moisture loss in the skin.
Low emulsion-Viscosity preparation.Most of them have oil.in-Water preparation.These preparations cannot be used on damaged skin.They are applied to the skin with bare hands or cloth or cotton, not with fingertips like a cream.They are also used to help with massages.Lotions can also be used to carry drugs, but in most cases they are used in areas covered by hair, such as the scalp.In fact, some prescription shampoo is lotion.
In addition, you can also prepare for the skin.They are very similar to emulsion in viscosity.A major feature of this preparation is that it must be applied with friction and must be rubbed.In some cases, the use of lin can relieve pain or stiffness.
It is also a new trend.In fact, all of their ingredients are natural, which helps the skin and its balance.This product works for you if you are looking for a lin agent and your skin is very sensitive.

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