what kind of facial mask is good for oily skin What Really Causes That Acne Breakout?

Researchers and doctors have been looking for a single cause of acne for years.Unfortunately, while they found multiple ways to treat the disease, they did not find a single pathogenic factor that could reasonably explain all acne outbreaks or lead to cure.
Acne is a disease that affects people of all ages.In fact, even newborns have problems with acne in infants.This is fairly rare, usually cleared-It is completely different from the situation affecting adolescents and adults.
The researchers estimate that four out of five people between the ages of 12 and 24 will be affected by this skin condition.However, doctors report that acne is common in people aged 50.In addition, while doctors can estimate the number of people who have difficulty with acne, they cannot estimate the emotional and psychological stress caused by acne.
When the oil naturally produced to moisturize the skin is trapped in the pores, pimples, white heads and blackheads appear on the surface of the skin.This oil is called sebum and can also remove dead cells from the surface of the skin.Pimples occur when pores and pipes that cause glands are blocked by dead skin, environmental dirt, or excessive oil.
This means that in order to begin the inflammatory process, the production of pimples will either require dead skin, dirt or excessive production of oil.Let's take a look at these three sources.
Acne is associated with dirt from hand transfer stimulating the skin.This environmental waste does not cause pimples, but it does contribute to the development of pimples because it blocks the glands.You may think that black is caused by black waste, but in fact black is caused by oxidized oil.In other words, the oil gland is blocked and then reacts with oxygen in the air and becomes black.
New research has shown that people who are more prone to acne may have narrow hair capsules and are easily blocked by oil and debris.Scientists have found that the results of this study are promising and may lead to a clearer treatment plan to reduce the number of people suffering from acne.
Excessive production of sebum or sebum oil is affected by hormones.This is common in boys and girls as well as men and women.This excessive oil production is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria that cause pustules, pimples, nodules, and deep sebum cysts.When the oil finally reaches the surface, it develops into a white head or oxidized to black.
One of the main reasons for the increase in sebum production is the hormone testosterone produced by men and women.While men produce more testosterone than women, the interaction of hormones themselves and with other body systems in complex settings has led to an increase in oil production.
Over the years, nutritionists, nutritionists and doctors have been arguing about the role of nutrition in the onset of acne.Due to the diversity of genetic pools, and the differences in our own hormonal effects and past nutritional bases, this must be something everyone has experimented with on their own.
Nutrition will play some role in the health of the body's second largest organ, which makes sense.Certain foods such as fat and sugar also affect the production of hormones, which in turn affects the production of sebum.Nutrition plays an important role in overall health and healthIt is part of the whole body from inside to outside, keeping your skin clearer and cleaner.
Some researchers believe that inheritance also has a certain effect, but at this time no genetic connection has been established in individuals with acne.Cosmetics also help to cause and trigger acne outbreaks.This is because they clog the pores of the skin.If you decide to make up, it must be labeled with no sensitivity and no allergyProduce comedo me.This means that the oil in the cosmetics is unlikely to cause allergic reactions or to clog the glands or pores.
Today, most doctors and dermatologists recognize that acne is an emotional disorder.Manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies also recognize that most teenagers and adults want to solve the problem as soon as possible.By using timely treatments to understand the triggers and causes of the development of pustules and pimples, many can help prevent situations that increase the risk of outbreaks of new diseases.

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