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What Makes Something Beautiful? 5 Kinds of Beauty - cherry blossom whitening facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
What Makes Something Beautiful? 5 Kinds of Beauty  -  cherry blossom whitening facial mask
We often think about beauty in women's beauty and debates about things like fat.
Humiliation, thin humiliation, and talking about the body of a woman.
This is because women are huge consumers of products designed to increase or enhance their appearance.
But it's a shallow one.
Definition of beauty.
As an art history student, I learned a lot about what many people define as a beautiful way to look at what we have in the chestand-butt-
The culture of obsession is often not appreciated or understood.
Basically, beauty is when we get a sense of pleasure from the usual visual source.
While it can be said that music sounds beautiful, certain smells, tastes and body feelings are pleasant for us, the word "beauty" is mainly used to discuss a visual form
Derived happiness
Beauty in the art world is important because it can help curators, gallery owners and art dealers to determine the value of the art work.
But since we are a very intuitive animal, it determines our buying behavior.
For example, no one wants to be embarrassed by living in an ugly apartment building or driving an uncool carlooking car.
As humans, we may be obsessed with beauty because vision has always been our primary means of assessing the value of something, such as the maturity of a fruit, or the possibility of a snake being toxic or harmless.
Although other factors play a role, the visual aspect of potential partners is what we have to evaluate when we meet them, and their length plays an important role in comparison to our attractiveness or lack of attractiveness.
Whether you like it or not, we are a very visual species that can make a lot of visual judgments.
So, there are five types of beauty here, and I think they represent the qualities that make objects visually pleasing.
Basically, they represent different definitions of "happiness" because we have to realize that, like beauty, happiness is more than just sex.
Reading the books we like will bring happiness.
Success in business brings happiness.
Holding a child will bring happiness.
When I go home, it will bring happiness to be greeted by my dog.
Embrace your other half by candlelight on rainy days, and watch an old romantic movie on VHS will bring joy.
Happiness can come from many things.
The elements and principles of design are the main ways we talk about beauty in art classes.
Line, color, shape, form, space, value, etc.
Is a design element, part or aspect of visual design.
The principle is the idea behind the design decision, control 2-D or 3-D artwork.
Symmetry, balance, emphasis, time, motion suggestion, proportion, etc.
Design principles.
The principles and elements of design are about what we try to do as artists and how we do it.
During the Renaissance, beauty was defined according to certain principles.
Like the art of Greece and Rome, the human form is considered to be the greatest beautiful form in nature.
Whether it's Bible, myth or history, human emotions and stories are the main themes of art, especially stories about the victory of human beings over humanity, such as David's victory over Gloria, which is a subject
The paintings of Adam and the ceiling of God painted on the ceiling of Sistine Ting church by Michele Angelo Kiero are famous, because it reflects the idea that human beings are the epitome of beauty, in Christianity, man is regarded as the peak of God's creation.
During the Renaissance, the innovation of natural realistic beauty became more and more common in art.
The artists did a sketch and autopsy of ancient sculptures to make their description of the human body more accurate.
According to the classical idea of proportion in ancient Greece, human beings are idealized;
The ideal object is constructed by mathematical principles.
Similarly, the artists, guided by mathematics and science, portray space as a single
Point perspective was invented and developed at this time.
Artists are also interested in the real way the light affects the subject, inventing painting techniques that can make hair, facial features, human body, clothing, shadows, objects, buildings, for life, nature looks more real.
However, the later artistic movement began to reduce the emphasis on human beings, to the landscape, and finally to the experimental, abstract and distorted human forms. What changed?
Has Art lost its mind?
Maybe, but basically what's happening is a classic novelty.
The style of painting gradually subsided, and people's requirements for art are getting higher and higher.
For various reasons, some artists were trained in classic styles and found it lacking as a method to invent new artistic movements such as surrealism, impressionist and Cubism.
Even so, however, design elements are an important basic toolkit when people evaluate or talk about any artwork.
The world of art is obsessed with the difference between originality and originality.
Copy and real
Forged for good reasons;
If art is not rare, it is worthless at all. Even in a post-
In this scarce world, even if everyone has almost the same replica, not everyone can have the original painting of Van Gogh.
However, authenticity is a big deal for some people, because there is no such embarrassing machine for real original works
There is a certain degree of separation between you and the original artist, just like having a book of your favorite signed by the author.
It gives it a feeling of humanity, as well as a warm connection with objects or paintings.
For good or bad, humans are a competitive species.
People want to have things that others don't.
We get angry when someone dye their hair purple because we mark our personal identity with purple hair dye.
We like to have something of our own, not something of others, but in a society where so many things are easily copied and copied mechanically, it is not always easy to happen.
This explains some of the crazier prices that some art gets, when the art itself is not even "good" in terms of the above design principles and elements.
It is not simply because of its beauty that it desires to have something, but because it is unique and no one can have it.
The principle of promoting cultural collectors is the same.
Crazy love 1990 bean baby fashion.
People like to have a collection of related items, but they get a special joy from finding something for such a collection that few people can find, due to the scarcity and rarity of items.
Sometimes companies produce a limited number of certain items to produce the desire of many to have rare items.
Historical relics and monuments are considered priceless because they cannot be replaced and their value comes from their historical authenticity, which is 3-
A replica of a printer or contemporary artist.
Again, people like to have things that celebrities have, such as guitars from famous musicians, because even objects (such as guitars) can be quality-
Guitar has gained great value from its unique association with musical idols.
This made me see the next beauty;
Emotional value.
This beauty deals with emotional and personal attachment to one thing.
This is where "beauty becomes apparent in the eyes of onlookers", because despite the objective standards of good design and some objective aesthetic values that are effective for all, there is no denying that, emotionally, different things affect different people in different ways.
A person's reaction to an art work, film, story or music can say a lot to them personally, which is why people often judge based on their taste in these things.
Works of art can affect many emotions. Nostalgia -
This goal makes us yearn for certain aspects of the past. Personal -
An object we make, or we have a long time, or we are associated with some personal meaning, such as a good thing.
Lucky charm, an old love
A letter from our spouse, or something we keep from an early age.
This thing is valuable to us because it is related to the people we love, or it has been passed on in our family for generations.
Therefore, our love for the object is an extension of our respect and love for the people we interact.
That's why things like hands
Handmade products, biography heir and antiques related to our childhood or adolescence are very important to us.
Maybe no art dealer will scoff at your grandmother's work, but you'll want to go and save them in a burning building because they mean a lot to you, because they are your grandma's, they represent certain aspects of her life that you can be with you.
It can lead to hoarding in some people who instinctively grab all the old stuff instead of throwing them away.
You have to find a balance point to decide what is really important, to cherish the past and what is really old garbage.
Similar to emotional values, this is also a very personal and subjective value, which depends to a large extent on the audience as a person.
Sometimes we seek different arts for different emotional reasons;
We hope to be inspired and promoted, so we look for beautiful scenery.
We want to be surprised and excited, so we seek a description of what inspires awe, whether it's powerful animals like tigers, powerful machines, flying objects or tall buildings.
When we feel sad or anxious, we may look for art that reflects this pain.
This makes us feel less lonely in the fight against uncomfortable emotions.
Cute theme (Childish, novel, etc ).
Elegant Charm
Basically, emotional images are powerful for humans.
Even if we forget about other things, they will be with us.
For example, few people remember that it would forget the image of 9/11 of the twin towers they saw smoking in the news.
The elderly will not soon forget the assassination of John F.
Kennedy, for a similar reason.
Every image in the advertisement is to create some kind of emotional effect for the audience, because it is very desirable to successfully create an emotional connection with the brand name.
For example, when Nike is permanently engraved on my head, I can't forget that their sneakers are associated with Michael Jordan (although wearing them is not made by basketball players, as a primary school, I found this difficult road.
Other times, a company can get through it by making a cute mascot, even if it has nothing to do with the company's actual products, such as Geico's gecko.
In Japan's aesthetic tradition, the emotional appeal has also been more emphasized. Wabi-
Sabi is a concept of loving something that is flawed because it is flawed, not only because they make it unique (rare concepts I discussed earlier), but also because they add it
We are all "broken" because we are all defective, so it is warm to be able to appreciate the beauty of the defective object.
Same, baby.
The cute face of Japanese cartoons and mascots is designed to stimulate the audience's reaction to this lovely emotion.
Historically, Japan's aesthetic thoughts were shaped by Zen Buddhism and Shinto, with a focus on brevity, change and impermanence, and Shinto tells us that nature is filled with a variety of spirits, there is no special meaning for human beings.
These ideas are why Japanese art does not emphasize visual realism, does not emphasize the human body, and does not use mathematical classics of human proportions.
Instead, it pays attention to the beauty of natural forms and seasonal changes, and celebrates nature in a changing state;
From snow to cherry blossoms, from rain to Sun, to autumn, to snow.
This is for the audience to reflect on their own deaths, and they themselves are in this ever-changing place --
Change the landscape.
This is also one of the reasons why beauty can be very subjective, because what is "profound" or "philosophical" to a person may be completely cliché and mediocre to others.
You'll see this happen quite often in film criticism, and in general the audience only wants a pleasant film, while critics want a film that stays the same under their intellectual review.
Post-modern in art and literature is about intellectually challenging the audience/readers to question their assumptions, stereotypes and expectations of form.
Contemporary art is the art of questioning things, and it is taken for granted that there are no assumptions about art.
I don't necessarily like every piece or every artist, but the best piece is to stimulate growth by stimulating debate.
Classicism produced wonderful art, but by the 19 th century it stalled, repeated the same famous poses and scenes, and was criticized for not capturing the richness of human experience.
Later artists, such as Impressionist painters, wanted to incorporate more direct human reality into the painting rather than being a lifeless, cold marble statue.
Artists have been fighting since then, and they have been challenging what is in front of them.
Some people look
Western inspiration, such as Picasso's search for inspiration on the African mask, for his experiments on the human image.
Many people like to incorporate the expression of the original emotion into their art in bold colors.
Later artists rejected the creation of abstract forms, or rejected the canvas as go-
The medium of painting.
Some installations are designed to blur the lines between "architecture" and "Sculpture.
Some people want to work on traditional crafts and turn them into fine arts, while others try to completely get rid of the requirements of manual art through mass production, assistants, photography, art is a concept that anyone has to execute, a script, not a final form.
Things made are not always "good", but it is good to risk failure by expanding boundaries, playing with rules and audience expectations.
It's good, but it's an exercise of elitism, where knowledgeable art professors or connoisseurs are making subverted, parody, or references that aren't obvious to the average audience.
I wouldn't even say "in -"
"The Art of jokes" is not good, but there is more that the art world can do to make this idea democratic and to make it accessible to the public, especially with taxpayer funding.
We can do it with less art in order to challenge, and the simpler purpose is to be better.
But this is another debate.
The point is that in art and film, beauty is often related to some kind of ability to challenge the audience with intellectual and philosophical challenges.
There are many kinds of beauty. when we describe something or someone as beautiful, we can express it in many ways.
The pyramids of Egypt are beautiful because they are impressive big pyramids, made up of pleasing geometric shapes and an irreplaceable part of human history.
A man's ten-year wife is the most beautiful woman to him because of the emotional attachment in their relationship, and even another woman who looks like a goddess cannot be replaced.
The sunset is beautiful as it is an amazing color experience. Inception.
There are many kinds of beauty, which can be called beautiful things and many people.
Beauty is one of the main reasons to stick to the tough times of life.
Keep beautiful, friends.
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