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Some people would think it was a crazy parade, but in SA, it was another week and the festival was rich.
Whether you're interested in food, wine, art or music, this week's lines
Everything is there.
Some people would think it was a crazy parade, but in SA, it was another week and the festival was rich.
Whether you're interested in food, wine, art or music, this week's lines
Everything is there.
On Friday, July 28, CITYSilvana Angelakis John Santucci exhibition of painting artist John Santucci, printmaking, sculpture of Sylvana Angelakis.
Art image gallery, parade on the 32 th, Norwood, until different times on Sunday, July 30. Free.
Details: 8363 0806 North last Saturday night fever Matt Bourne media introduced the SA premiere of fever on Saturday night.
This is the musical version of the John Travolta film, which lets the world disco dance start as early as 1977, and the audience will step back in time.
Bradley Theatre, Playford Civic Center, 10 Playford Avenue, Elizabeth, all time until Saturday, July 29.
Tickets: $40 for adults, $35 off.
Learn more about hereSOUTHWinter red's weekend wine tasting, warming up for a variety of wineries and venues in Adelaide Hills to celebrate local wines.
50 events will be held in the area, and local chefs will also be shown to play with fire, including barbecues, barbecues and braising.
Different locations and times across Adelaide Hills.
Until Sunday, July 30
South Australia is known for its delicious beer, food and music-all of which are celebrated during this festival.
There will be a variety of activities throughout the weekend, including Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards, master classes, live music, Q & A for brewers and chefs, hot dog eating contest, a dadbod wet T-
Shirt match and barbecue match.
Adelaide Showgrounds, Goodwood Road, Wellville, five o'clock P. M-midnight.
There are also different times and prices until Sunday, July 30.
HereWESTSALA 2017 cocktail art exhibition, a charity cocktail art exhibition, is funded by special speakers and Gavin wangwangning, one of the seven featured artists, for the skull face of Australia.
Come on, look at the work and enter the lottery with the grand prize.
Omega photo frame, 22 Ware St, Thebarton, six o'clock P. M-8pm. Cost: $10.
Suitable for age between 13 and 26.
Details: 8267 4128 this performance of the speech "hope of the cat" is an experimental opera that pays tribute to people through political means.
It will attract thirty people.
Chorus and orchestra composed of bass guitar, bass brass, bass drums and electronic instruments.
At seven o'clock P. M. in the afternoon, workers's Hall by the water, 11 Nile River Street, Port Adelaide. Free.
More information hereSaturday, the amazing individual of the city in July 29 in multimedia production, takes you through the journey of classical, folk and Bollywood dance and music in India.
The show will be presented by the Indian Academy of Performing Arts in kalalaya as part of the Adelaide Festival Center Adelaide world cultural program.
Adelaide Festival Centre, Dunstan Theatre, King William Road, 6. 30pm.
Tickets are $33. 30.
The Info and tickets here are long and winding down the road and enjoy a night with a classic Beatles ballad like Eleanor Rigby, I love her, yesterday and more.
All this and more will be performed by Greg Hart, pianist Trish Hart and cellist Heather Rand.
Nexus Art Theatre, 6 Bugle at North Tce and Moffett Street. 30pm and 9pm. Tickets: $25.
Details: 8212 4276 the night before Christmas, the Australian classical Youth Ballet will celebrate Christmas on July and enjoy the world's most famous festival poems on the night before Christmas.
Book Plaza star Brenton Whittle on Channel 7 will tell about the show.
There is also a free children's corner where children can learn how to make paper snowflakes.
Her Majesty's Theatre, 58 Grote St, show at one o'clock P. M. and three o'clock P. M. , children's corner at 1. 30pm-3pm. Tickets: $15.
Suitable for 6 years and older.
Information and tickets herenorthusk!
FM pays tribute to fleewood Machel, some of the biggest freewood Mac hits performed by the tribute band Tusk! FM.
The audience can look forward to hearing songs such as dreams, Rhiannon, and take their own way to the chain.
Community Club of parasheers, 360-
370 Bridge Road, parashires, 8. 30pm-11. 30pm. Free.
More information hereSOUTHWillunga Almond Flower Festival enjoy a family Fair Day with face painting, market stalls, live music and wine tasting, fireworks and food trucks at night.
The festival also includes street parades, artwork, farm animals and almond cooking competitions.
The proceeds will help fund the maintenance and upgrading of park facilities.
Willenga Main Road willenga Leisure Park, willenga, noon-midnight.
Until Saturday, August 5
Fee: $7 for adults, $5 off, $20 for families, free for children aged 5 and under.
Local creative people gather in this market to connect and sell their products.
The market includes fashion, illustrations, metal, wood products and leather products.
Listen to live music and have something to eat along the way.
New district of Tangsley, 1284 South Park Road, Cloverley, ten o'clock A. M-4pm. Free.
More information hereEASTLocal native plant Day protects native flora and fauna unique to Burnside by planting native plants.
Volunteers at the Burnside biodiversity nursery have been busy planting more than 100 species and are ready to provide them to the public.
Bring Home the plants with a box.
Burnside biodiversity nursery, 31 Laurel Avenue, Linden Park, ten o'clock A. M-2pm.
Fee: Donation of gold coins.
Local artists will pack the roadway full, or art, music and creativity.
Snap up exclusive art for your home and treat your taste buds with desserts, hot drinks and more.
There are also many interesting activities to make the children happy.
Port Adelaide, ten o'clock A. M-5pm. Free.
Here, The Blackeyed SusansAussie rock band The Blackeyed Susans will come on stage to celebrate its seventh album and close their eyes and have a look.
Whitchoff Hotel, 39 George Street, Thebarton, 8. 30pm.
Also at four o'clock P. M. on Sunday, July 30. Tickets: $25.
Details hereSunday, July 30 city sanctuary festival this festival will turn a traditional warehouse into a space for cozy fire-lit tribal inspiration and African soul cuisine.
It will start to die with digiri du tube performance, followed by two classes of yoga and music in the monastery of Hollett and eight
Damushi ensemble, African soul band.
Three o'clock P. M. -Robinson heritage warehouse, 15 Halifax Street10pm. Tickets: $49.
More information is spread in a happy way: culinary cuisine ties shoelaces and draws blood in the ultimate training camp led by Adelaide fitness queen Dasha in Adelaide body.
After the workout, she will teach the participants how to prepare her favorite recipes for happy ways in a live cooking presentation.
The event will raise funds for the children.
Factory 4, Third Street, Bowden, nine o'clock A. M-noon. Tickets: $35.
Details hereNORTHBoard game contest try to compete with others in spelling games, mouse traps and picnic games with a slice of pizza and soft drinks.
Volkerville City Hall, volkerville, 66 Tce, Gilberton, five o'clock P. M-9pm. Cost: $2.
More information and secrets of tea master a cup of tea is much more than a tea bag and water.
At this meeting, tea master Jane Schuler will introduce the participants to the personality behind the tea family and different mixed tasting from all over the world.
Unley City Hall, 181 Unley Road, Unley, 2. 30pm-4. 30pm. Cost: $5.
Reservations are required.
More information here, the story of nuns: the comfort of the movie Daily series, enjoy the afternoon screening of the story of nuns, Level G
The film tells the story of Sister Luke's efforts to fulfill her vows during the crisis, disappointment and World War II.
Woodville Town Hall, Woodville, 74 Woodville Road, Woodville, 1. 30pm. Cost: $6.
More information hereMonday, July 31, North discovery Japan Sister City shallow mouth Australia has 10 years of friendship with Japan Sister City shallow mouth, in order to celebrate, a group from Japan will
Absorb some culture with origami and calligraphy displays as well as authentic Japanese food.
Tea Tree ditch Library, 571 Montagu Road, Modbury, six o'clock P. M-7. 30pm. Free.
At the Flinders concert on Tuesday, August 1, a group of young musicians took to the stage for this intimate 40-minute concert.
Bring your lunch or coffee and enjoy the music.
One o'clock P. M. , Baptist Church, 65 Flinders Street. Free.
On the first Tuesday of the month, the community was invited to enjoy folk music.
Bring your friends and family for the night.
Greenville Community Connect Center, 10 Playford Avenue, Elizabeth, 7. 30pm. Cost: $4.
More information hereSOUTHThe Fair collection hashka Ino is a selftaught artist.
She draws on canvas or linen and explores the music of organic paint.
She is a photographer and her photos often inspire her poetry.
There will be no price for her work in this exhibition, but buyers are welcome to decide the price themselves.
90 Malpas Road, McLaren Valley, ten o'clock A. M-5pm.
Also at different times until Saturday, September 30.
Details hereEASTCooking For A Cause learn how to cook healthy meals under the guidance of A professional chef and will then be delivered to homeless organizations in South Australia. This six-
The week course is open to people who live, work, study or play in Burnside.
Upon completion, participants will receive an accredited food processing course.
Burnside Community Center, 401 Greenhill Road, Burnmore, 4. 30pm-7. 30pm. Free.
Suitable for 15 to 18 years old.
Reservations are required.
Here's more information from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra: With the help of eight musicians, junior and family Music hosts and jazz violinist Julian ferreto, who will lead the family workshop, let participants explore the connection between music and theme-related venues and create a music response.
Junior Jams offers children the opportunity to sing, dance and create music.
They can also learn about the various instruments used in the orchestra through stories and songs.
10 library of Burnside, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore. 30am and 11. 30am. Free.
It is suitable for family jam aged 6 and over, and for young people aged 18 months to 5 years.
More information here on Wednesday, August 2, the city of Sarah 2017 launched the celebration of Sarah (
Living artists in South Australia)
Festival with Vice Mayor Sandy Verschoor.
A series of visual and ceramic arts from 10 local artists will be exhibited.
City Library, Level 3, Runde Plaza, Runde Mall, 5. 45pm-6. 45pm. Free.
Tai chi originated in ancient China and is one of the most effective physical and mental health exercises.
Let's learn about technology.
Greenville Community Connect Center, 10 Playford Avenue, Elizabeth, 11. 15am-noon. Cost: from $3.
Details herrestein restless charm: The Art of Dee Jones1933–2017)
Will be commended in this exhibition.
To continue to celebrate its 30 th anniversary, Carrick Hill will feature more than 30 of her bright and colorful artworks.
The collection includes landscapes, portraits and photography.
Ten o'clock A. M. -Carrick Hill, 46 Carrick Hill Road, Springfield4. 30pm.
Fee: $17 for adults, $12 off, $36 for family pass.
More information about hereThursday, August 3, the east end of the city will be lit in August, bringing you a series of speakers.
Inspiring topics including positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievements will be covered.
Choose your location and theme when booking.
Venues on the east end, six o'clock P. M-8. 30pm.
Tickets: $15 for adults, $10 off.
Author Rebecca Sullivan will detail her natural home art inspired from her grandmother's generation, and she will describe the process of writing her book Nature Home art.
In this session, she will share tips on owning a natural home, including how to make skin care, makeup and natural cleaning products.
Downes community center, Surrey County, 6 sanonix Chris, Surrey Downes, six o'clock P. M-8pm. Cost: $5.
Reservations are required.
Details: as part of the South Australian Festival of living artists, 8397 7444 SOUTHSALA, a local artist at Piert, collaborated on the exhibition.
Browse vivid, realistic, impressionist and abstract works of art.
Ten o'clock A. M. -Shop 1, Glenelg, hudfester Marine Terminal4pm.
Also every Thursday to Sunday until August 31. Free entry.
For more information hereEASTUna Donna Specchio, a young immigrant woman who talks about her happiness and struggles in Australia, what she now calls Australia's home.
When she incorporates her experience into the music, follow her story in this work.
Finger food is served.
Norwood Concert Hall, 175, Norwood, 7 th. 30pm.
Until Friday, August 4Cost: $45.
Details about the events that occurred in town email messengerevents @ news. com.
All the details.
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