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There is a red rash near the genitals, especially the vagina, which is a serious problem.In a sense, no, the vaginal rash is no different from the rash on the face or other parts of the body.However, depending on the cause of the development of the rash, the severity can be determined.
Say this until your doctor has checked your vaginal rash and you still don't have time to worry about it.What's the difference between a vaginal rash or a facial rash?Simply answered, we found that more women would go for medical advice on the facial rash before treating the rash around the vagina.The main reason for this is-Because they are very embarrassed.
Look, ladies, the vagina is just another part of the body, and doctors treat it a lot every day.Your vagina is no different from any other woman your GP will see.You will do yourself a favor, stop blushing and let yourself check.
A vaginal rash affects both women and men, not the male vagina, but the genitals.We are dealing with this issue and the skin is soft and delicate, so unless your GP suggests otherwise, it is better to treat your rash in the way you want your facial skin (gentle.Vaginal rashes that have already appeared are generally not diagnosed as serious problems and are more likely and rapid to subside after using appropriate treatment.
If the rash occurs through infection, then it is completely different because it requires medical care.Untreated infections can become serious, if they are sexually transmitted, or even more serious.Specific VDs can lead to serious health complications and even death.
If you are 100% sure that your vaginal rash does not erupt due to allergic reactions, heavy sweating, or genital skin friction caused by tight clothing, then more is the reason to talk to your GP.Vaginal infections are diverse but are known to cause more types of vaginal rash: yeast infection with herpes condyloma acuminatum tick we associate vaginal rash more with yeast infection, if fungal rosary beads are allowed to breed around the vagina, this infection will occur.Unfortunately, although it is noted on a large scale that this is the main cause of vaginal rash, the importance of wearing loose clothes around the genitals is often overlooked;Women will still tighten their underpants around their crotch.
Tight clothes can suffocate the vagina, yes, it will suffocate the vagina, and the space that needs to be breathed in the vagina and surrounding areas.When you sweat, the tight cloth limits it to be absorbed, keeping the genitals cool and dry, causing it to be completely opposite, and creating a warm and humid place for yeast fungus growth.We often see a vaginal rash occurring during your period.
If you use tampon or sanitary napkin but are not taken out or replaced regularly, a vaginal rash may occur.Your toilet habits also need to be changed.Old habits are hard to get rid of, but in terms of your health, they need to stop immediately and develop new habits.
When you use the toilet to defecate, you need to clean from the vagina to the anus.Thoroughly clean after Wee, not only because old urine stinks, but also because the acidic action in urine causes irritation and rough skin.This makes sense as all you need to do is consider the baby and diaper rash.
Drying the genital area after cleaning is essential to prevent vaginal rash.Rash is a common symptom associated with sexually transmitted diseases (condyloma acuminatum or herpes.) If you already have a rash around your vagina, try adding salt and vinegar to the bath water.
If you take a bath, then take a bath with a basin and apply the solution with your hands.Yeast infection is widespread between the armpit and the toes and other parts of the body.Yeast fungi can also infect the mouth, fingers, skin and throat.
In some cases, the cause of vaginitis has been identified as Candida.Symptoms of yeast infection may include burning pain (not unpleasant) in removing the discomfort of sexual intercourse vaginal odor) stimulation of vulvar/vaginal itching pain for specific vaginal infections redness of urination and swelling family treatment may include an OTC vaginal cream or suppository.Diflukang tablets are effective for vaginal yeast infection, but can only be obtained through prescription.
Genital herpes cannot be ruled out if you have a vaginal rash.It is a viral infection caused by herpes virus (hiv.It is sexually transmitted and is identified by blisters and sore.
Even after treatment, hiv remains dormant in the body.Genital herpes cannot be completely eradicated.Condyloma acuminatum is another disease that affects both men and women.
They are caused by various types of human hpv.HPV usually affects the cervix, vagina, vulva and anus.In men, the penis, penis and anus are affected.
The main symptoms of condyloma acuminatum are lumps in pink/white color, or they may be larger and shaped like cauliflower.There are a lot of things you can do to avoid vaginal infections, one of them is turn to yogurt and yes, you hear yogurt.Replace sugar with yogurt.Yogurt contains a good bacteria called acidophillius.
Sugar promotes the type of bacteria that yogurt bacteria are trying to destroy.2 infection may come from the accumulation of sweat and grease, as long as you take a bath regularly and keep your vagina sanitary, you can prevent problems caused by sweat and body grease.Do not rinse, because the cleaning process is too harsh, it is very likely that the Flushing will remove the bad bacteria, but it will also take away the good bacteria.
Flushing (vaginitis) can cause inflammation.Wash the inside of the vagina with clean cloth and tasteless soap.The use of condoms helps keep the vagina clean and can also prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
Wear cotton-padded clothes around the genitals.On May, sanitary cotton strips were taken out from time to time.In addition to leaving the smell of tampon or forgetting tampon can lead to toxic shock syndrome.
Symptoms of toxic shock syndrome include rapid high fever, fainting, diarrhea, headache and muscle pain, but not a common disease, but, if this is to happen, it must be taken very seriously.Soap causes vaginal dryness.Warm water is clean and fresh enough.Personal hygiene is a beneficial feature of the body's need to maintain a healthy state.If the clothes are in close contact with the infected area, the vaginal rash can cause discomfort, because the skin is tender and tender, and in some cases, a serious vaginal rash can appear in a red and angry appearance.
If you do not get a doctor's examination and decide to overtreat the problem yourselfthe-You should realize that there may be potential problems.You need to identify your health issues, as while you may be treating yeast infections, your vaginal rash may actually be caused by other causes, so the correct diagnosis will protect you
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