what to do before using a facial mask Armed robber at large

what to do before using a facial mask Armed robber at large
Police say the man walked into Wellington Street News and Lotto before five o'clock P.M. and waved his gun for money.
The agent's Launceston Police Inspector, Andrew Keane, said the business owner obeyed the request and handed over what he said was a reasonable amount of cash.
"(Robbers) have what we think is a pistol in their hands," said Inspector Keane.
"He also wore a mask, and he decided to wear half --By means of robbery.
"The store had the owner, his wife and several customers...They were all shocked.
The man -Described as about 158 tall, dark hair white on the back, Tan, green and black hooded jumperThey were seen walking along Wellington Street to Thistle Street.
Inspector Keane said he was later found behind the Hungry Jack.
"The police have searched the area and we will continue to search late into the night," Inspector Keane said at the crime scene last night.
"We also have some suspects and we will follow up.
The owner said that the most distinctive thing about the man is that he has a long and prominent nose.
Police also pulled fingerprints from the glass front door of the news agency.
Zac van Tienen, an employee of The Cheesecake Shop, said one of his customers returned to the store from the news agency and said, "I just called the police ";He was robbed next door.
Mr. Van tining said, and then he went to see his colleagues next door.The worker who worked at the news agency during the robbery.
"She aimed the gun at her face..."She was shocked, but she was fine," he said .".
"No one wants this to happen in this area.
"The police responded quickly and immediately began searching the area and entering all the shops --They did a very good job.
Police are looking for anyone with criminal information or someone who saw the man in the area at the time of the robbery.
Anyone with any information can call the Crime Stoppers at Launceston Criminal Investigation at 333 or 6336 3910 on 1800.
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