what to do before using a facial mask We road-tested skin needling with PRP in Bulli so you didn't have to

what to do before using a facial mask We road-tested skin needling with PRP in Bulli so you didn\'t have to
How do you feel about collecting blood, extracting plasma, and then injecting it into your face in the name of beauty?

Reader Chloe Drabsch also has RoadsTested one of the latest beauty systems to hit Wollongong-xa0"Vampire Face"
Technically, it's called a skin needle with platelets.xa0Abundant plasma (PRP), but since this procedure often draws blood from multiple pins, the patient looks like Dracula visited them.

At Bulli, PRP has been used in medicine for a long time to help people recover from accidental trauma, such as injecting it into damaged muscles or tendons to speed upIt is now used to "restore" the skin and induce the production of collagen.
It can also be used to average skin tone and reduce the appearance of acne scars.
"This is really different from Botox," Dr. Grant said ."."Botox is a chemical we inject that paralyzes muscles, and PRP is actually cured with your own body.
In the nut shellxa0Relaxation of Botoxxa0The muscles cause wrinkles, and the PRP stimulates the body's natural collagen, making the area plump.
The Drabsch MS has tried Botox before, often with peeling (deep exfoliating treatment), and has recently done cosmetic tattoos on eyebrows.
Although she admitted she was a little nervous, she said: "I would love to try something different .".
Her main concern was the crow's foot wrinkles around her eyes and some scars (including the ones she got in her quarrel with the bird bath at the age of four ).
After reading a medical questionnaire with Dr. Grant (some may not be suitable for treatment), Drabsch MS applied an anesthetic gel to her face to numb the areaThis gel is similar to the one used by the dentist and is washed off before the acupuncture process begins.Then blood.
"I hate being drawn," Drabsch said ." MS."I was imagining it in my head.I can imagine blood coming out of the needle.
A few minutes later, nurse Amanda coupunoxa0Before injecting blood into the face using a skin needle stick pen, put the blood into a machine that separates the plasma.Dr. Grant explainedxa0"Magic of blood", you will see something yellow when you have scabs.
The injection process takes about 20 minutes, which is very different from what Drabsch MS expected.
"I think it will be a very slow process," she later said ."."It's not painful, it's just a strange feeling.A little tingling, but sensitive.
Because of the pain, she thought the tattoo was done in eight out of ten, and she did the surgery five times.
The next day, Drabsch MS noticed bruises around her eyes and a lot of redness like sunburn.Four days later, she said her fishtail pattern looked "smooth ".
The healthier the patient, the faster the healing time will be, Dr. Grant said.That is to say, they eat very well, drink a lot of water, do not smoke, but also drink a lot of alcohol.However, some bruises and redness may be obvious.
She also recommended more than once to get better results.
Thrive's vampire face is priced at $600, with discounts on bulk purchases.
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