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What to pack in your carry on flight hand luggage! - facial mask carry on baggage

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-27
What to pack in your carry on flight hand luggage!  -  facial mask carry on baggage
Given your health, hygiene, entertainment needs, of course, consider emergency supplies as well if your suitcase is missing or you find yourself delayed, you need a lot of stuff in that little bag, it's not as much as you think! is best.
They tend to be more spacious, easier to carry/balance on suitcases, and have a variety of inside and outside pockets.
I always squeeze my bag under the front seat as I pull it out from the top of the head while trying not to walk down the aisle or put it on the head around you is frustrating! in a bag!
In my official cabin bag, I have a lanyard spot bag!
At this point, I put all the items that I would keep using throughout the flight, like; headphones, e-
Readers, paper pens, mints, paper towels, etc.
Mostly for my own entertainment, and to keep me busy, I exchange and change something every hour.
If you are going to put your hand luggage in the compartment above your head, then let the little rope bag be saved and you have to keep pulling your main bag out from the top of the head.
I think it's also a good idea for those traveling with children!
Another bag inside the main bag is a small makeup bag.
You don't want to take all your fresh foodme-
Ups is loose in your hands, but you also don't want to drag your cabin bag.
Usually, I put all the necessities of toiletries in the clear plastic bag you use when carrying liquid on the plane.
Convenient and compact, easy to go to the bathroom with you!
If you want something more discreet, take a small foldable cosmetic bag and throw your clear liquid product bag into the make-up bag as soon as you pass the security check. Voila!
One thing I can't stand about flying is recycled air.
The thought of breathing other people's airy feces, my skin would crawl, more than once, and I felt a little uncomfortable during and after the flight (not because of food on the plane! ).
Unfortunately we have to breathe and the air supply on board is not exactly what we do!
All the recycled air will dry your skin too, which is really uncomfortable!
It may sound the same for girls, but men always feel different and use our products!
I'm talking about water! .
I always buy two of the biggest bottles I can find the air
Take them to the ship.
Drinking water is the best thing you can do and constantly rinse the inhaled toxins from your body.
Keeping moisture is the key and you won't look like wilted prunes either!
Tip: Buy a set of reusable travel bottles and put your main product in it.
Don't have to buy the mini version of the product you already have!
Remember what I said about recycling air?
Avoiding bacteria may not be high on your list, but that should be the case!
You don't want to get sick, it's not the way to start your holiday!
Packing some essentials will help you avoid as many people as possible
Flying bacteria as much as possible!
It's also a good idea to pack things and bodice to make you feel fresh.
It is easy to feel dirty after a long flight, so have to freshen up, especially before landing! prepared!
This bottle and that bucket may sound a lot.
But keep in mind that the price for each product is no more than 100 ml, so you will only buy the version of the travel size for most things.
Although most airlines have some kind of built-in-
Flight entertainment system, several movies and re-
The Simpsons don't run long enough to get you through an 8-hour flight.
I found packing basic stuff, spinning every 45 minutes, 1 hour to make me as happy as the kids. Book / e-
Only you know what makes you happy.
Don't forget the pen and paper!
Carrier bags are ideal for storing garbage!
"Oh no, we were delayed/lost my bag" essentials!
A few years ago, a friend's plane was delayed overnight and the airline did not allow them to retrieve their checked baggage, so they only went to the overnight accommodation with their hand luggage.
Our cabin bags can't replace suitcases full of everything, but we can pack something in case we find ourselves in a similar position! Spare t-
These don't take up too much space and are a real pressure-averse and money-saving person!
This may sound bad, and of course, you may be able to skip a few of the above if you only take short flights.
The longer you fly, the more things you need, unless you're lucky enough to spend most of your time sleeping!
I do love flying and traveling, and in those hours I can escape into my own little bubble of 30 degrees F in the air. We don't escape from reality often!
We all want to start our holiday as we mean to go on, so flights that are likely to be the coldest, comfortable and relaxing are the only way out! Don\'t forget. . .
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