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when nature goes niche - collagen crystal facial mask how to use

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
when nature goes niche  -  collagen crystal facial mask how to use
In reference to Ayurvedic in the context of medicine, holistic healing and Indian culture, a woman transformed it globally by advocating for the aesthetic empowerment of Ayurvedic.
Since she launched the brand of the same name in the 1970 s, Shahnaz Husain has become synonymous with herbal beauty products.
The founder is known for her startup skills and her products
Managing director
The chairman of the Shahnaz Husain group remains a force worthy of consideration.
Shahnaz shared the reasons and the status quo of her products and their ingredients, which she promoted as "shocking 3 000 culture ". Why Ayurveda?
"During the cosmetics chemistry training in London, I encountered injuries caused by chemical treatment.
To some extent, these tragic events have changed my life and my career.
I am determined to find a natural choice.
My study of Ayurvedic convinced me that it could provide the ideal option.
So I went back to my roots and started my first herbal salon in my own home in 1971 based on Ayurvedic system and adopted "care and healing"
Interestingly, according to her, instead of learning the concept of "care and treatment", Indians are related to "color and cover.
Perhaps this also explains why her brand is also popular abroad;
It provides a permanent solution, not a temporary cover-up.
"There are all kinds of beauty products in nature.
Some are powerful cleaners, while others moisturize the skin.
Some improve blood circulation and others tighten the skin.
In general, they have the power to preserve, prevent and revitalize.
Centuries of use have also shown that the human body responds well to natural ingredients while it has
Resistance to synthetic materials.
Nature is the best chemist and beautician.
According to the company's website, the beautician provides "ingredients for skin, hair and body care for more than 350 exclusive products in more than 20 different categories ".
Now, that's what niche nature can get with the help of Ayurvedic texts and doctors Shahnaz hired in her R & D.
After making news for her gold and diamond products, the latest breakthrough for Shahnaz is the plant stem cell product.
The series contains plant stem cells that "have the ability to regenerate new skin cells and repair damaged skin cells, thus reducing signs of aging.
These products contain active molecules from plants that help to rebuild the supporting tissue collagen and elasticity of the skin, thus making the skin look younger, stronger and smoother.
"Unconsciously, a brand was born when ayurvedic beauty care was spread around the world.
We become an image. based business.
What is truly unique is that "shahnaz husain" is not a brand or company that is not exposed.
The most important image in the minds of customers and consumers is a real, responsible person who herself has been trained in beauty and beauty treatments.
"Queen of herbs, expert in beauty, Princess (her lineage)
. . . . . . What can you call her, but her favorite title is "ambassador of Indian beauty ".
"Since I am working with the Crusader's passion to promote the Indian and Ayurvedic brands, it seems appropriate.
There is no denying that.
One thing I often do is my daily mask.
This is the same mix for our salon customers.
It can be used in the refrigerator.
I am very picky about daily skin care.
I faithfully follow the daily life of cleaning, coloring, moisturizing and nourishing using my own products because I am pretty sure about the ingredients.
The production of the ShahnazI brand made me keep the evening show in mind when I chose the costume in the morning, as I knew I might not have time to change.
I also check if there is a TV shooting plan for the day.
I especially like to match my clothes with handbags, shoes and scarves.
I have designed special pallets for accessories so that it is easy to choose what I need.
When my time was tight, I just changed the accessories for the night.
I think accessories can make clothes different.
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