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For every advance in security technology, progress must be made in the way around it.Face recognition software is a clever method of identity recognition.It is using clever methods to defeat it in order to seek balance.
No card number is required for face recognition software;Just take a picture of your face.Everyone has a unique face that's hard to steal (unless you're hanniba leckett ).This makes face recognition software look almost foolproof.
Nothing is safe.
Although face recognition software has not been widely used yet, it will soon be applied.With identity theft so rampant, biometric technology is gaining ground.The idea of using face recognition software and digital fingerprint recognition scanners is that nothing physical can be stolen or memorized.
But that doesn't mean they can't be defeated.Here are some ideas on how to beat face recognition software.How to avoid being recognized by face recognition software, it is easy to disguise yourself from face recognition software.
You don't even have to look like you're in disguise.This is because face recognition software uses only a limited number of points to identify people.It measures the distance between all these points to identify you.
If you are vague enough about them, you will not be recognized by the software.Face recognition software focuses on aspects of the face that are unlikely to change, which means it doesn't include your hair and facial contours, which can change dramatically if you get fat.So to get through face recognition software, you need to change things like eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, chin and ears.
No problem.
Glasses (Sun or prescription) will take your eyes out.The beard will blur your chin.Long hair or a hat will cover your ears.Any kind of facial jewelry will also confuse the face recognition software.Of course, this only applies to the situation where the camera looks at you from a distance.
If you have to take a direct shot, you may have to take off your hat and glasses.In this case, slightly narrowed eyes can disguise your eyes.It also helps to turn the chin a little bit.
This may be enough for you to pass.
How to make face recognition software think you are someone else and look like someone else is hard to do.First of all, you need to get a positive picture of the person you want to imitate.Then you have to measure the distance between all the points mentioned above.
Be exact.
The Goodface recognition software can be measured in millimeters.It is helpful to superimpose a high density grid on a mug photo.The next step is to create illusion.This is the best if you can create a mask of the right size and shape it to your face.
I don't discuss how to do this right now, but you can find this information on the Internet.Let me give you a tip.It's not as easy as it looks on mi3.If you can't make a good mask, you may be able to change your face to get the job done.You may need help because your sweat and sports meet interfere with your work, so this is not sure.
Because face recognition software uses shape and light and dark contrast to find the point on your face, you can fool it with white and black makeup.Use makeup to fix the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows.Bite something of the proper width to show the correct chin length.
Plug your nose with paper towels and tape your ears.You have to do a lot of experiments to solve this problem before you try to fool the face recognition software.I know what you're thinking.When you just raise a flat photo of the person you want to be, face recognition software can recognize.
I hope all of this will help you overcome the limitations of biological features.It's a tricky job to be someone else.Please note that face recognition software may be combined with other biometric measures such as fingerprint recognition.In addition, face recognition software will become more advanced one day, and these techniques will not work.
But I haven't seen this happen for at least 10 years.Author Profile: Matt Monique is an outstanding writer and a technology enthusiast
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