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Over time, people are turning to a more natural way to become beautiful and healthy.Some of the natural therapies people use include mud baths, herbal masks, and lava.But certain herbs, such as kesar, can also be used to bring smooth and healthy skin to people.
Here are some facts about kesar and how to use it to get the skin you want.What is kesar?Kesar is a spice also known as kumkuma or saffron.It comes from the shame of saffron or saffron.
Saffron saffron is a perennial herb that grows every spring.Making an ounce of kesar takes up to 100 saffron stains, making it one of the most expensive spices in the world.As a yellow pigment and flavoring agent, Kesar has been used for thousands of years in North Africa, Europe and Asian cuisine.
Kesar contains a carotene called Saffron, which changes from bright yellow to gold.When poor families in Italy were unable to get gold sprinkled on rice, they turned to kesar.Ayurvedic therapy also uses kesar in mixtures and remedies.
It is called "varnya gana" in the Ayurvedic world "."Varnya" refers to how plants bring smooth and glossy skin.Many beauty tips about fairness from Ayurvedic experts talk about the benefits of kesar.
Kesar is good for skin health.
The health website (2015) recommends honey and kesar Spice face packs to make it difficult for your skin to shine in the winter.You just have to add a few shares of kesar to a spoonful of honey, mix the two well and apply it to your face.Honey is also a good way to treat dry skin.
The health website also recommends mixing saffron, milk and sandalwood together and applying it to your face.Or you can mix kesar and sandalwood into a paste and use it as a mask.Also good for reducing scars and pimples.Its antibacterial properties can also allow it to fight acne and pimples with other herbs.
It can also be used to remove dark circles under the eyes.In addition to being a skin therapy, Kesar has a wide range of health benefits.Red dried bean flowers increase the body's energy levels as a remedy called rasayana.
It can reduce the acidity of the digestive system and inhibit indigestion.For those who find it difficult to urinate, this is also good for the excretion system.It promotes easier flow of urine.It is also good for treating arthritis and rheumatism and increasing appetite.
The use of kesar can also enhance the reproductive system.However, pregnant women should not be treated with kesar as this may cause early miscarriage
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