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Summer is great because there is a lot to do.You have to spend a girl's day with your family and last but not least, you have to go on vacation.When you have a good time, what is the one thing you want to do most?You will take pictures, but what is the most important thing for good pictures?GOOD SKIN!Good skin is the key, we all have.
But to admit, beauty treatments, especially in the summer, are a bit difficult to keep up.You need to give some extra time and money to your skin.Changes in acne, acne and skin tone are often seen.
Why?Because our oil glands produce more oil, sweat glands give extra effort to keep their body temperature normal.This means more oil and sebum on your skin.But if you add a good mud mask to your daily beauty, you can control it.
For this purpose, there are many mud masks on the market, and there are too many, which is a confusing decision.However, there is a mud mask that has been trusted by beauty experts for centuries due to its therapeutic nature.This mask is a Dead Sea mud mask.Summer is a catalyst for dead skin, although this property has been linked to winter.
How does summer heat cause skin death?Through dehydrationThere are also factors that will further increase dehydration, such as not drinking enough water, cold air in the air conditioner, and pores that are blocked due to excessive sweating.What is the help of Dead Sea mud mask?It has a lot of minerals as an ingredient that helps to remove dead skin.It contains silica, which can reach the deepest level of the skin and discharge dirt from pores.
It creates a place for new healthier skin cells, which means glowing and radiating skin.Humidity and heat are more like business partners who are passionate about working together on their project "Acne.There are more skin fat in summer, which is the main cause of acne.
What is the help of Dead Sea mud mask?The mud is capable of absorbing any impurities and oil on the skin.It also moisturizes pores and prevents dust from entering pores.It also cleans each layer from top to bottom.
Acne leaves dark spots, leaving dark skin color in the heat.Most of the time, your skin color will turn black because the upper layer of the skin will be exposed to impurities.What is the help of Dead Sea mud mask?The mask improves blood circulation and helps eliminate any type of pigmentation.
With magical cleaning performance, it helps to remove the dirt mixed with sweat.Hard sea mud mask is a bit expensive but worth every penny.You have to add this miracle to your beauty program, but be sure not to overuse it.
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