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Who Is to Blame for Our Insane Beauty Standards? - elizabeth arden facial mask review

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Who Is to Blame for Our Insane Beauty Standards?  -  elizabeth arden facial mask review
Is the beauty standard in the United States crazy?
Is the beauty standard in the United States crazy? asked.
I believe the answer is clear, "Yes!
The desire to blame responsibility on a particular source.
In the past 100 s, people's perception of beauty has changed.
Behind the change is morefaceted.
I will assess where these ever-changing standards come from and how girls accept these views today.
From the beginning of 1900, we will have a historical journey through time.
History often repeats itself and is the best teacher.
Together, we will come up with complex and confusing answers.
In the early 1900 s, times were changing.
Cars and planes are coming soon.
The children are going to school.
The phonograph was invented.
Poor families work in the fields and factories.
Rich families have servants of their families to clean up and polish silver.
Wealthy families also have chefs preparing large amounts of food in several elaborate courses.
Women in these families are dressed in beautiful clothes.
Beauty at this time is defined by better things in life.
One of them is fullness.
A woman of all-round development is appreciated.
She eats well in luxury and has a bigger hip with her children.
Skinny women were considered poor and poor, at that time.
In this era, no woman has a large number of people or magazines to compare their physical image.
The magazine is for the rich and the cultural people.
Illiterate people are busy making a day's salary and they don't know anything about magazines.
Compared to today's standards, the photos in the magazine are original, and circulation has decreased due to limited means of transport.
The main purpose of women is to compare and rule wealth.
In the past decade, the booming economy in its twenties has affected beauty.
Women will no longer be killed. Flappers ruled!
Behind them was the first world war.
This generation of women will not be hindered.
They smoke, drink and flirt.
They are slim, carefree, and stylish with the well-
Well known hairstyle, Bob.
The bodice and the attitude of the previous generations were gone.
These women had a great time hanging out.
Their clothes have had a big impact on fashion today.
Easy to wear and safe©.
Financial success has the greatest impact on the beauty of this generation.
The ease of life defines it.
The radio became gold in 1930s, but film magazines sold the show.
Hundreds of magazines were launched in 1930s, all
Strive for the attention of female consumers.
Hollywood is becoming more and more influential, setting the stage for beautiful standards. Sound familiar?
The 30-year-old woman was bombarded with photos of what it should be like.
At the age of 30, beauty is not about the look of nature, but about makeup and curly hair!
Max Factor and Elizabeth Ardon were household names at the time and they were still!
Every woman has a lot of curlers, set up lotion, styling wand and hair hat.
Nails and toe nails must be applied.
Colorful clothes, flower language popular.
A woman's body curve was celebrated and her skin became thinner.
The country is a mess economically.
It was the Great Depression.
Maybe makeup and beautiful hair are masks of pain and despair.
The curve of a woman shows that she did not starve to death.
Hollywood painted a beautiful facade for the injured generation.
Soft, sexy and perfect is the standard for 1940 of women.
The man went to fight World War II and the woman went to look for the spectacle for her hero.
The roles of men and women are highly defined.
Men fight, women take care of the house.
She will never be caught without her red lipstick.
A woman is sexy to her man.
She can buy beauty products easily.
Fashion at this time is also defined by the loot of war.
The material is rationed, which means that the lower banks are shorter.
There is a clear military look on clothing and jackets.
Christian Dior.
The war was coming to an end and he came to the scene.
The hem is stretched, the waist is tightened, and the shirt is feminine again.
European designers and great ads are quickly proven!
1950 brings more £ 40 to women with extra stress to fit the slim, small waist figure.
Hollywood has new glamour queen, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Roland.
Sexual attraction is inside, and sexual attraction is selling.
The three women are in an hourglass shape.
The widest of the three is only 24 inch!
If a woman's waist can't hold it, she won't measure it!
This sentence applies to the self. confidence too!
Beauty equals slim and sexy!
You said revolution?
We all want to change the world.
The woman in her 60 sconformist!
1920 vintage and heavy makeup, paper skirt, white boots, tie-dye clothes.
Most things have passed.
England with branches and scenes that let Schlipp shape.
In this decade, thin, thin is the standard of the model!
Twiggy says she's been eating all the time, but she looks a little hungry!
Everything in Britain is very popular.
The world is being redefined, including the definition of beauty.
Take Me to the trendy town
1970 is about funk.
Music has played a huge role in the beauty of the 70-year-old woman.
Thin women can be seen on the disco dance floor, wearing sparkling eyeshadow, revealing a back top, and the expression on their faces floating into the street.
Some designers offset the disco style by designing long and plain clothes of military green and monotonous brown.
These designers try to capture an intelligent look among women, and women's education is becoming more and more mainstream.
With minimal facial makeup, naturally healthy skin is expected to shine.
The point is thin.
Because of singer Karen Carpenter, the word anorexia first appeared.
She died of the disease later.
Over 120 of the weight at 70 is considered heavy.
Many people are thin in the music industry.
Cher is a popular example.
Young women will be bombarded by thin models wherever they are.
Skinny is synonymous with any woman in her 70 s.
1980 of women are educated.
Fashion reflects this.
Women dress successfully as mainstream.
Sales of fashion accessories soared.
Shoulder pads make women look stronger and stronger.
If women don't dress successfully, they will wear casual skinny leggings and an oversized shirt.
Madonna leads the way with tight leggings, but her top leaves little imagination.
She was not given a big shirt and was tight.
Hair expands in what is recognized today as the post-80 s!
The cultural era is increasingly defining the appearance of women after the 80 s.
The idea of 1990 brings an incredible old idea to the mainstream of modern society.
Welcome body art
The manifestation of individualism ruled after 90 s.
This works for hair, makeup, fashion of clothing and body art now!
Tattoos and piercings have become a modern place.
Thin is still there, but must at least provide credit to some members of sociey.
Kate Moss was criticized for being too thin.
Calvin Klein highlighted her little frame in the underwear ad.
During this time, the advertisement is cheeky and has no pun!
The skin is visible and a lot.
Advertisers on TV and magazines focus on the body and they make sure the audience sees the body!
The definition of sexy is thin.
Clothing styles range from preppy students to business professionals, to grunge, to jeans and sportswear, and become popular because of the obvious emphasis on the body.
The Post-90 s woman was bombarded with images trying to define beauty from all over the world!
Women are free today!
Hell, she can go to the grocery store in her pajamas!
This is not entirely accurate, the sleeping pants and the Jersey have been replaced by yoga pants!
Business dress is appropriate in some workplaces, but even business people are relaxing their dress code.
Women in the South prefer to dress up and make up more than their northern sisters.
All women are busy, though.
No time for hair styling?
No problem, throw it in a messy bread and fix it with a clip!
Fat hanging?
Muffin tops are common, just not on big screens or magazines!
Social media continues to bombard women with thin pictures.
The stomach is thin, the thighs are thin, there is a "thigh gap" and the nose is straight.
Since we are talking about straight, let's not forget the straight Pearl White.
If a woman in the world today is not happy with her looks, she has another freedom, free under the surgeon's knife!
Baby, we have gone a long way!
Wow, go!
Baby, we have gone a long way!
The beauty standards today are crazy!
As I said at the beginning of the journey, we will come to the complex and confusing answer of "who should be blamed? \" together.
Did you answer it yourself?
If you don't, here's the final idea for you to stop and think!
The years have brought about change.
Invention, war, end of war, stock market collapse, women's rights, global impact, increased communication, change of educational standards, radio, television, Hollywood, movie stars, racial differences, politics, greed. . . .
All of this affects and helps define the definition of beauty in society in a shape or form.
You may have noticed that there is no specific definition of beauty in this paper.
It's deeper than skin.
The true beauty comes from the heart.
Let the definition of beauty be transcribed, and society may be wrong.
As individuals, we can change this and work together.
It needs to start with ourselves.
Accept and love ourselves.
Our body should be healthy.
Isn't that common sense?
A healthy body is usually not 00 yards!
Makeup is the same as anything, moderation is the key.
Why should there be women in the pockets of greedy men with beauty companies?
Talking about men?
Is it not interesting that the ideal size of a man is large, muscular and strong?
When a woman's body should be thin?
Is there anything more going on than the eyes?
Perhaps society is trying to define gender roles by defining beauty?
Fashion and beauty is also a contest of popularity, and the contest of popularity is endless!
Quit the game and live your own life.
Now is the time to define beauty once and for all.
Look in the mirror. Do you see it? Beauty defined.
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