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why choose a laser comb to treat hair loss? by carol p. mason - international skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-03
why choose a laser comb to treat hair loss? by carol p. mason  -  international skin care products
The laser comb uses low-level laser therapy (also known as LLLT, light biological regulation, cold laser therapy, and laser biological stimulation) as a treatment for hair loss.
Laser therapy is an emerging medical technology in which low levels of laser or light are exposed
Emission of laser diodes can stimulate cell function, resulting in beneficial clinical effects.
Since the discovery of penicillin, it is expected to become one of the most important developments in life science.
At present, low-level laser therapy is used to treat different diseases such as pain, skin condition, chemical addiction, dental diseases and various hair loss situations.
Low-power laser treatment uses this low-power laser with a range of 1-
1000 mW with a wavelength of 632nm ÷ 904nm to stimulate cell processes, thereby enhancing good biochemical reactions such as hair responsegrowth.
Together with other clinical applications, its application in laser comb treatment of hair loss has now been approved by the FDA.
What are the benefits of low-level laser therapy?
After laser irradiation to the back of the shaved mice, a scientist noticed that the shaved hair of the treated mice was faster than that of the untreated group leader.
The low level of light of the laser stimulates the blood flow around the follicles, creating a favorable environment for the growth of new hair.
Combine the same laser power with proper scalp care, healthy lifestyle and hair
With specific nutritional vitamins, you can have healthier, fuller, thicker hair.
Laser Comb provides an effective drugfree, non-
Provide surgical solutions for men and women who experience and want to treat hair loss.
However, if you choose the option of hair implant surgery, many hair loss doctors now use laser combs to help heal after surgery.
If you are a female with hair falling off or sparse, you are with about 20 million American women with the same hair loss.
Women use laser combs faster and faster as newer, lighter handheld devices can be used for home privacy.
The results do vary from person to person, but by using a laser comb, you can expect your hair to improve in quantity and quality to improve your confidence and look.
How to treat laser comb? In-
For men and women who experience hair loss and thinning hair, office laser treatments are becoming more and more popular, but now hand-held devices like brushes have been developed.
The light energy from the laser comb penetrates between existing hairs and transmits the energy directly to the scalp.
This laser comb is not hot and has a gentle, nourishing light therapy.
Clinical studies have shown that this cell and subcell
Cell Activity destroys the collection of double hydrogen testosterone (DHT) responsible for hair loss (hair loss.
It also stimulates the expansion of pores and releases any substances that block pores and cause follicle death.
Studies have shown that there is no negative effect on this form of laser hair therapy because low levels of laser do not damage living tissue.
How to get the best results using a laser comb?
Many sites offer the latest low level laser treatment devices, but the best results come from having the most real laser diodes (not simple LEDs or LEDs) laser Comb and hair care product support system that works in conjunction with light therapy.
There is a lot of information about this emerging medical technology field today, so be sure to find a manufacturer with an educational website.
See how you create their products yourself and how much experience they have in laser comb.
If you 've tried several different ways to stop hair loss and still haven't succeeded, then maybe it's time to buy a laser comb.
The media and scientific community have noted the legal ability of low-level laser therapy and a great hair loss treatment system.
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