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Why Is Banana And Banana Milk So Good For You? - banana milk and honey facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
Why Is Banana And Banana Milk So Good For You?  -  banana milk and honey facial mask
Bananas are probably the most widely grown fruit in the world.
Sweet Cream is the favorite of children, young or old.
It should not be eaten on an empty stomach, but after a meal, which gives strength.
It strengthens muscles and tissues.
Eat up to 3 bananas a day.
To eliminate the three defects of Vaat (air), Pitt (heat) and sputum (cough), eat bananas with sugar.
If you feel unwell or uncomfortable digestion after eating a banana, it is relieved to eat cardamom.
Bananas are rich in calories and have low fat.
It is soft and easy to digest, so because it contains simple sugar, it is a good source of instant energy.
Athletes often use it to gain instant energy.
This is a great help to improve the weight gain of underweight children.
The soluble dietary fiber content is high, but it contains a variety of antioxidants.
It contains a lot of vitamins B6 and C, a lot of minerals copper, manganese, magnesium and potassium.
Bananais is one of the most abundant sources of potassium, but the sodium content is extremely low, which is very important to reduce the incidence of heart disease, blood pressure and stroke.
It can prevent the harmful effects of gastric acid like ulcers, and can also inhibit the production of acid.
It controls diarrhea and normalizes the elimination problem including constipation.
The number of antioxidants in the phenol helps to control and prevent heart disease, stroke and other diseases.
Vitamin C is a good immune booster and antioxidant.
Bananas are high in calories and provide instant energy.
They also help children who are underweight gain weight.
Bananas increase the amount of concentrate and concentrate, which is beneficial to eye diseases.
It can be eaten instead of food.
It contains a lot of starch and sugar.
Milk can be served as a milkshake for children.
It removes phlegm and heat from the body.
It's always better to eat fresh bananas, but if not, or if the child loses his temper while eating or drinking bananas, you can get the same benefits with banana powder. In Typhoid.
This is an ideal food.
It can reduce hunger and thirst.
Eat mud in children.
Eliminating the habit of eating mud is good for bananas.
Add honey to the ripe banana and feed it.
Itching and rash.
Add lemon juice to the banana paste and apply it.
The rash may initially intensify, but continuing this app will make the rash disappear.
Injuries, scratches and scratches.
Tie banana peel on the spot to prevent swelling.
In addition, making dough with flour and ripe bananas will help to heat it before dressing it. In swellings.
Bananas are good in all types of expansion.
In terms of stomach problems
When used as a food service, it helps with all stomach-related diseases such as diarrhea, gastritis, inflammation and ulcers and promotes disease-free.
It eliminates swelling in the intestines.
Nausea and heartburn. 1.
Mash the bananas and add sugar and cardamom to relieve the pressure. 2.
Place the ghee (clarified butter) on a ripe banana to eliminate these symptoms. . 1.
Eat 2 bananas and drink milk with honey. 2.
Eat Bananas once in the morning, once in the morning and 10 days in the evening. 3.
Eating a kheer (pudding) made of sugar and bananas also helps. In heart pain.
Eat 2 bananas and relieve with 15 gms honey.
In ulcer.
Eating bananas with milk is very helpful. In diarrhoea.
After eating two bananas and condensed milk for a few days, you can stop diarrhea and diarrhea. In stomatitis.
Bananas are good for mouth inflammation.
In the morning, take a banana with milk. In burns.
Applying banana paste to burn can relieve pain. In nosebleed.
Add sugar to a cup of milk and add 2 mashed bananas.
Stir well for 10 days.
Gain weight.
Eat 2 bananas and drink 250 ml hot milk on this one.
Do it for 3 months.
Do not continue to do so if expansion occurs.
The urine stopped.
4 teaspoons of banana stem juice.
Add 2 teaspoons of butter. Drink this.
It begins the flow of urine and immediately relieves.
Increased frequent urination.
Have a glass of banana and drink 1/2 amla (Indian currant) juice with sugar added.
This can reduce the number of urination.
Bananas benefit by reducing the frequency of urination.
Bananas are good for tuberculosis.
The raw banana juice of the banana stem has the ability to relieve the symptoms of tuberculosis. plant.
Nervous about this, slowly sip 1 to 2 cups every 2 hours.
People will find a lot of relief in 3 days.
This can help completely alleviate TB in 2 months.
Take out fresh juice every 24 hours.
The production of multiple sputum
Take 8 to 10 gms banana leaves.
Put 200 ml of the water in for hours.
After this strain, take 1 tablespoon of this water 3 times a day.
It helps to remove heavy sputum from the lungs.
After mixing banana leaf juice with honey, it can cure wounds in the lungs, reduce sputum and stop blood in sputum.
In high blood pressure
Banana has low sodium content and high potassium content.
So bananas benefit by controlling the high BP.
Bananas do not contain cholesterol and therefore do not increase fat.
Food for children.
Children and old people should eat 2 bananas and milk in the morning.
This provides a daily demand of 1/4 for vitamin C, nexic acid, vitamin b2 and thiamine. In asthma.
Eat less bananas and pay attention if symptoms increase.
If so, don't eat bananas.
In some cases, asthma patients are allergic to bananas. CAUTION. 1.
In the case of a weak digestive system, arthritis and diabetes do not eat bananas. 2.
If you have indigestion because of eating bananas, eating cardamom can relieve you. In smoking.
Vitamin B6, B12 and mineral potassium, magnesium help the body recover from nicotine withdrawal, so bananas are good for smokers who quit smoking or want to quit smoking. In warts.
To remove the warts body, place the banana peel on the yellow body outside.
Tie it firmly in place. In nerves.
Bananas are good for relieving nerves working at high pressure. In hangovers.
To solve this problem, make a banana shake with honey and drinks.
Pre-menstrual symptoms.
Bananas are good for pre-menstrual symptoms because of their vitamin B6 content that regulates blood sugar levels.
Being transformed into five serotonin by the body is considered a substance for relaxing the body and improving the mood.
The information provided by this center cannot replace professional medical advice.
Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any family therapy or supplements.
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