why is it important to mask our facial expressions 3 Flirting Body Language Signs of Attraction

why is it important to mask our facial expressions 3 Flirting Body Language Signs of Attraction
During pre-Historically, humans have had a way to apply flirting body language to show the opposite sex that they like what they see.Of course, we were a little more frank then, and the code was easier to decipher.Today, we have learned subtle art, which makes the whole thing more challenging and exciting.Over the years, man's flirting body language has evolved into something more mysterious.We even forget the direct of our ancestors.to-the-point ways -Just use these skills on a purely unconscious level.Here are some examples to help you.Flirt body language #1: Feed your hands some people like to flirt by feeding them fruit or cake with their own hands or utensils.Usually, this is done by lovers.However, more and more men and girls are now beginning to adopt this sweet gesture and use it to benefit themselves.Of course, this attractive flirtation body language symbol will also backfire.First of all, it may surprise them if they are suddenly provided with spoons.This can lead to embarrassment.If you find yourself unable to eat from someone else's fork, just grab the cutlery yourself to avoid embarrassment.Flirting body language #2: When a woman is close to a man's tie, there is a good chance that she will flirt with him.Signs of this flirty body language attraction mean she wants the man to look the best and she wants to do it for him on her own --Cultivate and protect him.Men also have their own version of the tie-fixing action.Please note that they often have a few stray strands of hair from tuck behind a woman's ear, or just have their fingers slip over them.Flirting body language #3: kissing your friend or acquaintance good night may also be a sign of flirting body language attraction.These people want to get to know you better and want to go beyond their usual boundaries.It could be a light kiss on the cheek or a kiss on your hand.Although men are bolder, girls are stealing their kisses.Flirting body language has developed in the past few years.It's not surprising.After all, humans have grown from gathering in caves to gathering in bars and gatherings.Now is the time for you to open your eyes and look forward to the future.
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