why is it important to mask our facial expressions 3 Ways to Build Rapport and Ace the Interview

why is it important to mask our facial expressions 3 Ways to Build Rapport and Ace the Interview
People hire people they like.Therefore, while your skills and experience are an important factor in getting a job opportunity, it is equally important that you build a natural and interactive relationship with the interviewer.The rapport you have built during the interview will greatly affect your impression.There are many ways to build rapport.Besides having topics that you can all relate to, it's also about body language.When you first meet your contacts, the handshake you provide, the way you stand and sit, your facial expressions and eye contact, where do you put your arms, hands, legs and feet are part of body language and help build the impression of confidence and input you want to make to the interviewer.The more you invest, the more similar the interviewer sees your body language, the easier it will be to build rapport.In an interview with my blog post "What your interview body language reveals about you", learn more about how to express effective body language."Building rapport effectively is an advantage for many candidates --In the interview process of the companyEven if the candidate does not have as much experience as the other candidates, he is considered more advantageous because he is able to contact the interviewer in a more relevant way, and can be seen as getting along well with the rest of the company.Those who recruit want to know that the candidate is the one they themselves like to work.By combining self-confidence and positive body language with related topics, it helps to build effective rapport and win interviews.You will come out of the interview and leave the best impression on your contact to consider the job opportunities.Meaningful topics to help build rapport during interviews include :-Current affairs of the company and/or industry.
Before you go for an interview, check out the news events on the company's website.Press releases are available on most corporate websites.Has the company just signed an important partnership to bring in a key figure from the industry or launch a new product?These topics can help you build rapport and keep you up to date with the company or industry.This shows that you have a strong interest in the company.-The challenges of the position and the challenges faced by the company.
Asking questions about the challenges and then turning the discussion around and clearly stating that you may have experience in dealing with them is an easy way, you can show your contacts that you have learned to face problems and come up with solutions.-Information about your contacts.
Building a chat with the interviewer may be done by asking questions such as how she works for the company or her experience on a specific project.If you are conducting an interview in the interviewer's office, please note down any family photos showing the child or location you may have associated with you.You can simply draft small talk by commenting on the beautiful smiles of the children in the photos, asking how old they are, and sharing information about the age of your own children you may have.You can also ask if a photo was taken at a certain destination and add comments on its relationship with you-whether it's your hometown or if you 've been there for a holiday recently.Small talk is a time when an interviewer can feel your personality better, and an opportunity to build stronger connections by showing that you two may have similarities.Many of the questions in the interview may be standard and seem to have been rehearsed a bit, so in the first or second half of the interview, the small talk is slightly off the standard.Generally speaking, have a clear understanding of the expectations of the interview.Employers want to learn how serious you are about the opportunity through your preparation for the interview and what you can provide to the company through your skills and experience.Now, just let them know that you are a person who can work with the team and you are on the right path to the interview.
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