why is it important to mask our facial expressions 40-Year Old Communication Myth Busted, Words Not Body Language, Are the Foundation of Successful Communication

why is it important to mask our facial expressions 40-Year Old Communication Myth Busted,  Words Not Body Language, Are the Foundation of Successful Communication
No matter who spent time in the school playground as a child and became the victim of the roll call, he knew the deflecting phrase used to refute these slurs, "the stick and the stone may break my bones, but the name will never hurt me, "not enough to overcome the effects of these bullying communications on young, developing ears.In the early days, information that children hear tends to be part of their psychological makeup over the next few years, sometimes leading to seeing therapists as adults.This is just an example of the power of words.Language is powerful, very powerful.Words are much more powerful than old, worn-out, inaccurate communication patterns claim.Known as the Mehrabian myth, the "word" is only equivalent to 7% of the meaning of the message, leaving the tone and body language accounting for 93% of the meaning of the message.If you have done any sales training or leadership communication training since 1972, you may have learned about the communication model I am writing about.

Vision (body language) = 55% if this is true, I can attend a card door show at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City like November 1 last year and without looking at the screen subtitles in front of me, understand the plot of 93% and the story of a single character.I couldn’t.Neither can you.Words are very important.However, this mode of communication began in 1967, reporting two psychological studies in the Journal of Consulting Psychology and the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, in 1971, the research carried out and reported by Dr. Albert meherabi loosely reinforces thisD.He published two books at the University of California, Los Angeles, called silent information and non-verbal communication.These studies are not the culprit of the misleading application significance of this study.If research and related reviews were reviewed, one would find that these studies never announced that their findings would be widely applied to general and regular communication between humans in all cases.It seems that the more accurate meaning of this study is often replaced and distorted by so many sources;It is impossible to determine the origin of this distorted meaning.One of the biggest perpetrators is the NLP industry.Language programming, a philosophy and model of personal and professional transformation that is effectively used in coaching and personal development industries), I am a part of it.I used to teach this 7%-38%-The 55% communication model, though never really comfortable.Surprisingly, the audience never questioned me and went on to buy it.Even reinforced models that tell me how important body language is to information.I'm not saying that the visual part of body language and communication is not important.In my personal experience, I really believe that tone may be more important than body language.What I support is that the Mehrabian myth model places too much emphasis on body language and tone.What is needed is a model that will more accurately reflect the attention that anyone communicating on both sides can feel comfortable applying, thus reducing errorsCommunications in the world.In my white paper, "seven fatal crimes of leadership and workplace communication", I highlighted the importance of specific communication."Lack of specificity" is one of the seven most deadly crimes.One of the keys to specific communication is to ensure that our communication is consistent between language, sound and visual components.Consistency does not necessarily mean equality.Consistency refers to the appropriate level for each level that accurately conveys the message.As far as this model is concerned, the most important thing to remember is that it actually starts with "words."I would like to propose a new model and a new way to look at this completely unscientific issue, but this issue comes from the experience of human beings communicating with these three components on a daily basis over the years, as a business coach and consultant, work regularly with business leaders and their teams to improve communication on a daily basis.

Vision (body language) = 20% this model gives important and appropriate weight to words, because words can be stimulated, words can be stimulated, words can be eliminatedMotivation and words can be destroyed.It also places an appropriate emphasis on the other two key components.Anthony Robbins, one of the world's most famous motivational coaches, offers a philosophy of communication known as "transformation vocabulary.He teaches us to change the power of the negative, harmful words we use in ourselves.Talk about positive words that make us and others feel better and motivated.A simple example is to convert the word "problem" to "situation", "challenge" or even "opportunity ".He teaches this because language is very important.Tone and body language are also important, just not as important as the melabian myth has mistakenly promised us over the past 40 years.If you would like to use a practical, immediately applicable approach to improve communication between the top leadership in your organization and front-line customer service personnel, visit www.Howtoimport organization communication.Com and download the free white paper "seven fatal crimes of leadership and workplace communication".
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