why is it important to mask our facial expressions 5 Ways to Knock Out the Performance Jitters

why is it important to mask our facial expressions 5 Ways to Knock Out the Performance Jitters
It feels like you will never stop those unstable knees and frontShowing nerves?Here are some ideas to help you overcome the destructive effects of tension: 1.Thank them.I know it sounds crazy, but admit their nervousness like old friends and know they're there because you care about what you're doing.This is a good thing.Those butterflies that hover in your belly can be asked to form a flight that gives you energy ...... So that they work in line with your goals.You might imagine this and feel that these butterflies are your support team and not derail you!2.Another visual exercise: Imagine when you are completely confident.Put yourself back at that time and remember every sight, smell, and thought in your head at that time.Once you can fully experience this memory, transfer the feelings of this time to the future time of your speech.Imagine yourself standing in the confidence you have in the past.If you do it once, you can feel it now.Really lock in the feeling like an athlete is in an important game and then anchor it in some way, perhaps by touching your belly or other parts of the body.Touching that place before you get up and talk should automatically trigger that confidence.3.Avoid physical stumbling blocks;Relax your muscles and skip caffeine (severe ).Coffee will short the brain under pressure, so it's not worth it.Eat a balanced meal before you are asked to be present or on site to properly fuel your brain.4.Do homework.The biggest stress factor is not being prepared.If you feel the need to consult a coach to prepare to do so.Making the most of every media and speaking opportunity is worth it, and if you need help in preparing the perfect message, then look for it.This is a wise investment.The goal is to make the most of the opportunity!Don't play small.5.Remember the big picture.By focusing on your big picture, you will go beyond yourself and get into the expected results of your intentions.You will imagine the school you want to build, or the sales you want to reach, or the life you want to save, instead of thinking about your knees.When you focus on what you can do for others, it's hard to think of yourself.Tension is not a bad thing at all.They may be completely quiet once you don't think they have a problem!
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