why is it important to mask our facial expressions 8 Most Common Excuses People Make While They Give Up

why is it important to mask our facial expressions 8 Most Common Excuses People Make While They Give Up
Do you often make excuses when you can't achieve an established goal?You're not alone!A survey by the Institute of Statistical brains showed that 92% of people set Shocking New Year goals, but never achieved them.This may apply not only to new year resolutions, but also to various other goals.Sometimes things do not unfold as planned;Instead of continuing your goal journey, you give up and make excuses to get yourself out of guilt.Excuse sounds great for a while.They justify your unwillingness to act and placate your mind.Therefore, you feel assured that you can live according to your expectations of failure.You will also get a bonus-people around you sympathize with you.So you start to believe that you will be better off without/without the ability to achieve your goals.Here are eight common excuses that people do when they try to give up their wishes.I don't have enough resources to easily get started by saying, "When I have time, money, education and experience."Normally you will wait for enough resources to start, and you will make up more excuses over time.Soon you get caught in a vicious circle of excuses like this and find it impossible to achieve what you were once very concerned about.The answer to this excuse lies in discipline and perseverance.Messi once said in an interview: "It took me 17 years and 114 days to achieve overnight success."There are no shortcuts to success, and everyone (including extraordinary people) has 24 hours a day.You must manage within the available resources.If you feel you don't have enough money to reach your goals, think about how to raise money.Divide your expenses into "important and urgent" and "important but not urgent ".When you invest in something of value, the expenses behind you can wait.Resources come in when you start, so start working!Now is not the beginning, it is one of the most common excuses for people to escape the pursuit of dreams.A few people live in a wayward fantasy and think it will be better to start later.They continued to delay until it seemed that their goal could not be achieved.According to a new survey, 40% of AmericansS.People suffer economic losses due to the habit of delay.The truth is, there is no perfect time.If you don't act now, you will regret it later.The regret of inaction in the past may be extremely painful.By asking myself, "What is the minimum step I can take and let me start now?"This momentum will keep you moving towards your goal when you are clear and can start.It's very dangerous that everyone wants to control their lives.Fear of uncontrollable results can prevent you from chasing your dreams.Taking risks means you can no longer control the situation.However, the paradox is that you will not be given any control without taking risks.Everything you do is risky.The risks you take may have a positive or negative impact on your life.Nevertheless, your current situation is your only chance to test your perseverance in overcoming the challenges that life brings to you.In order to overcome the fear of adventure, try to reverse yourself.Act in a confident manner and tell yourself that you fully believe in taking the risk.Pretend it until you make it, and you will soon experience the dissolution of anxiety.What do people think?Fear of opinions and criticism from people began in childhood.When you are young, you rely on the advice of your parents and other elders.As you grow older, you may continue to meet people who comment on your lifestyle.However, be aware that you are neither expected nor obliged to accommodate these opinions and suggestions.How do people want to have something?Now those who criticize your decision will give you thunderous applause when you achieve your goal.Most of these people are uncertain about achieving their goals.So don't let their negativity affect your determination to succeed.No matter how you choose to live, people will always criticize them or allow them to stick --Ups appears in a way that encourages you.Don't let the fear of others stop you from being yourself.I am too young to be a limiting factor in achieving business/personal success.When you are young, you are energetic and have little family obligations and are willing to take more risks.Similarly, when you get older, you have extensive experience in your field and make rational decisions because of the knowledge you have.Anyway, the best days will be in front of you only if you are willing to go out and take action.Known as the founder of KFC, Colonel Harlan Sanders introduced KFC at the age of 62.This proves that age is only a number.There are many people who have been successful at different stages of their lives.There is no "suitable age" for pursuing dreams ".The important thing is now.I am afraid of failure, and fear of failure may be one of the biggest obstacles to your success.According to a BBC article, life expectancy in the United StatesS.Companies listed on the S & P 500 index fell from 67 in 1920 to the latest 15 years.This is mainly because the company is afraid of failure and does not dare to try new things.This also applies to individuals.Whether you're trying something new or creating a lifeIt is possible to change the decision, failure (such as success), you should be prepared.If you think you will fail, remember that there is also a 50% chance of success.To overcome this excuse, ask yourself, "What if I succeed?Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he invented the light bulb.Take inspiration from Edison and learn innovation from every failure you make.Getting your backup plan ready is also a great way to manage your failures.It's impossible when your boss gives up a huge project with your deadline pressing, and you say to yourself, "No, it's impossible!"When you enjoy it in your own comfort zone, it seems impossible to break it.Maybe this project is really challenging.However, saying something negative to yourself does not help you realize your potential.Because your predecessor believes in your potential, he/she entrusts this project to you.This is an opportunity to prove your ability.The trick is to feel comfortable with uncertainty.Stop the negative selfSay to yourself, "I will succeed.I can at least try it."If the goal looks big, then divide it into small, everyday, achievable tasks that allow you to move towards the goal.Doing so can help ease your inner fears.I rarely see any opportunities and opportunities do knock on your doors, but you can't recognize them because you believe they don't exist.When you are in a positive state of mind, you will recognize opportunities even in the most unfavorable situations.Successful People Do not wait for opportunities, but create opportunities.Remind yourself when you feel desperate that there are many opportunities, but you can't see them coming to you.If you are facing a seemingly undesirable change, try to list the positive aspects of it.By doing so, you will calm down your anxiety and accept the change in a better state.Every change is an opportunity.Focus on identifying such an opportunity so that when you encounter such an opportunity, you can grab it with both hands instead of avoiding it.Every one aboveThe excuse mentioned is self.Prevent you from getting more restrictions.No one is born to succeed.You succeed by making certain choices and taking chances.If you want to taste success, find out the above excuses you most agree with and liberate yourself from it to chase your passion.The above excuse is something you can't help but make when you feel that life is getting harder and harder.Make sure you avoid giving in to them so you can achieve what you really want.
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