why is it important to mask our facial expressions 9 Ways to Improve Your Presence and Boost Your EQ

why is it important to mask our facial expressions 9 Ways to Improve Your Presence and Boost Your EQ
Do you know that only 7% of our communication comes from talking?The rest of the communication understanding depends on visual and energy cues such as eyes, facial expressions, body language, posture, touch and movement.With this in mind, it's key to realize that you communicate at all levels.How do you show up in the first minute of meeting a new friend, laying the foundation for all future interactions with this person.Good, bad, or whatever ...... This needs to improve your emotional intelligence through greater self.awareness.Did your body language leave you?What message do you send consciously or unconsciously with your body language, your facial expressions and your energy signature?A few years ago, I met someone at the beginning of a project we worked.In my 40 + minutes in her office, she did the following ......-
-Reply to someone via her phone, text, email and intercomNot less than every 3.
-If the nurse comes in, wait a minute ...... Put a bandage on her toes while we were talking (because she apparently broke her toes at home that morning) Yes, it's a real story-you can't make up these things!As you can imagine, it gives me a very clear picture of what she thinks of me, our project and her intention to "participate" in this project.This is an extreme example of how your body language is spoken in a megaphone, not in your language.Whether you're a leader or a leaderand-The upcoming rock star, here are 9 movements and movements in body language that will definitely impress (and improve your emotional intelligence): 1.Your handshake is persuasive: If you lead with a wet noodle-style handshake, it will have a big impact on your personality.What is the message you want to convey about yourself?You are a strong, confident person, ready to take on new projects or adventures, or meek, not quite sure about yourself or your skills.A firm handshake can set the stage in a positive way-even if you have to pretend it until you succeed!2.Stand High: good posture helps you build strong core and back muscles.It will also guide you to the energy that is projected in all directions.Amy Cuddy's research shows that when you open your chest, back your shoulders and take a strong stance, you create a more majestic presence without saying a word.3.Put down your defense: When you stand with your cross arms, you tell the other person that you don't trust them, or that you are protecting yourself from some obvious threat.This sets up a psychological barrier between you and another person that can "shut them out "."When you put your arms on both sides, you create a more open space for communication.4.Look into my eyes: direct eye contact is considered rude in some cultures.No eye contact can be considered a deception or insult to others.So it's important to know the difference, it depends on who you talk.In the United States, the United Kingdom and many Western cultures, it is generally believed that it is essential for social interaction, showing interest and respect.In Eastern cultures such as Japan and China, eye contact is considered an act of disrespect to others, especially when talking to authoritative people.Excessive eye contact can also be seen as an attempt to dominate or invade.A wise choice.5.Sit still: your hands or feet swing back and forth when you're fidgety, re-Put yourself in a chair and wait.These are signs of discomfort or nervousness.At an important meeting, take a few deep breaths and calm your nervous system so you can be with others.If you are a naturally intelligent person (you know who you are) and then, try your best to guide this energy because your feet are firmly placed on the floor, pay more attention to your posture.6.Tilt: If your goal is to show interest in who you are talking to, tilt with your torso or head when facing each other squarely.This shows that you are curious and willing to listen to each other's sharing.When you lean back, you can express that the person or topic of your opponent's head is less concerned, boring or not interested.7.Meet them where they are: in order to create greater trust and likes, match the speed and volume of each other's speech.If you talk to a New Yorker who speaks quickly, you may need to speed up.However, if you speak to a southerner who is slow to speak (it doesn't matter, I'm from the South) then you need to slow down your pace.When you say too fast or too slow in your relationship with another person, it can make them uncomfortable or nervous.However, in general, if you speak very quickly, it may indicate that you are nervous and nervous about the information you have to deliver.8.Presence: keep looking at watches, mobile phones or emails when you meet someone, which is not so calm to tell each other that you are not interested in what they say, you really "don't have time" to sit down and listen to them, they don't matter.If you want to be considered respectful and make a strong impression, then give someone your full attention at the moment.9.Consistency is key: because first impressions are important, you want to be considered credible and trustworthy.To do this, be sure to match your body language with your language.For example, don't say "yes" when you don't nod, or smile when you express your condolences to someone, or show anger when you express your praise.When your words are inconsistent with the emotions and energy of your body, the other party will consciously (or unconsciously) feel that your words are not true, thanks to our previous mirror neurons.The motor cortex of the brain, which reminds us to pay attention to the emotions of others.Our bodies and our energies do not lie, so in order to create a strong positive impression, synchronize your energy with your message.What is the most out-of-sync verbal information you have experienced with body language information meetings?I would love to hear your story!Be sure to post them in the comment box.Wish you success!Michelle MolitorPS.If you find some of these challenging for you and are ready to strengthen your position as a leader, email me: admin @ nectarconsulting.Tell me what you're struggling.We can arrange your free strategy meeting to help you take your career to a new level.
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