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why is it important to mask our facial expressions A Handshake does matters

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-08-16
why is it important to mask our facial expressions A Handshake does matters

Never underestimate a simple gesture, such as a handshake, which can play an important role in influencing how others see you and creating a positive first impression that affects subsequent meetings.Basically, everyone knows the most common sense suggestion, that is, shake hands firmly and look into each other's eyes at the same time, but there is still a lot left without disclosure.So I will share here and let's practice what to do and not what to do.1.Always keep eye contact when shaking hands, don't look left and right like it shows rude.2.It shows confidence and interest to shake hands firmly, but not too firmly.When shaking hands, you should always control your pressure and not squeeze tightly.(Not shaking hands, but saving physical strength for the gym) 3.Don't use the infamous 2 hand settle.Your hands should be dry and warm and do not provide sweaty palms.5.Don't try to control another person better.6.Don't grab each other's elbow when shaking hands.Always shake hands with a smile (don't be stingy, smile is free, so just give it to each other) 8.The direction of the handshake should be up and down, not back and forth.This action will be more natural and comfortable for each other.9.Do not hold your hand for more than 2 seconds.10.Don't be soft when shaking hands.11.When you shake hands, try greeting each other with sentences such as "nice to meet you.Don't make the most natural thing in the world the most difficult task, just keep practicing and remember all the tips mentioned above.
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