why is it important to mask our facial expressions A Sharp Dressed Man

why is it important to mask our facial expressions A Sharp Dressed Man
A sharp-dressed man and a businessman travel with some unexpected revelation.However, one is particularly prominent.We arrived the night before the "big meeting.You know the one you spent weeks preparing, the one with one of your biggest clients ($50 + deals), and the morning of the meeting was out of order.He opened his garment bag and found that he had packed the whole suit ---Except pants!Start the discussion with a frightened expression on his face.We discussed if he lied at breakfast and said something spilled on his suit pants, or did he acknowledge our human condition and admit that he forgot to pack?Another option is to rush from the breakfast table to the local clothing store closest to the opening of the meeting.This discussion made me realize how our identity and value are packaged in our dress code.With a positive attitude and confident body language, we can avoid wearing a physical condition on this occasion.Many multi-Wealthy men (and women) in jeans have made millions of dollars in business deals.When you are confident and comfortable with your skin, it shows if you are wearing a $100 suit and a $1000 suit.....Or a pair of jeans.However, it may be difficult to become a "fish leaving the water" and dress improperly for the occasion.We must have enough skill in our self-esteem.We have to know that our value comes from who we are (a valuable, valuable person) and what we know (savvy business minds will convince them to work with us ), the value that we can provide (and perhaps part of that value can show them that you are human ).While we don't usually choose to dress improperly, it is important to remember our self-worth in our few cases, and our intelligence is not wrapped in the clothes we wear.Always make sure you are a valuable person with a positive attitude, a perspective of hope, confidence and confidence.Unless we allow ourselves, no one of us will be more valuable than the other.Whether you're wearing a suit or jeans, walk into the room as a sharp-dressed man (or woman.With confidence and a smile.Our attitude determines our success.
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