why is it important to mask our facial expressions A Smile For The Moment

why is it important to mask our facial expressions A Smile For The Moment
What do you think when you see a stranger looking at you and only looking for a moment, but smiling at you with an elegant and almost grateful mood?Are you in trouble?Did you turn around and make sure they actually smile at you or assume they see someone you know behind you?Or are you just smiling back with the same emotion they gave you?My inspiration for this article comes from listening to Nat King Cole recently, one of my top ten favorite songs, smile.I grew up listening to this powerful song because I used to play it over and over again.No matter how limited and bad my days are, it will relax my mind and give my mind the ability to smile and even laugh for a day.Whether anyone needs a smile or not, it's so important to me.Smile has something that can lift a person in the worst case.You never know that a person may have been waiting all day, waiting for that "special" face to give up a small piece of heart to them, even if it's only a second, because this second could change the whole frame of their day, week or even month.When I lived in Annapolis, Indiana, I remember smiling was second nature.I'm young and maybe a little naive, but I give everyone the same kindness and I always appreciate it in return.I remember one afternoon, when I was about 12 years old, when I first smiled at someone completely new, I didn't get the same reward.I was so upset that I almost cried and asked myself if I had done something wrong or offended them in some way.Later that evening, I realized at home that not everyone could smile and didn't care to smile at the people they knew, let alone the people they didn't know.It suddenly occurred to me that one cannot always receive priceless and dignified gifts as happy or happy as a smile.When a person can learn to smile, it is worth more than 1,000 words, and only in this way can this person release their love and heart in another person.It's a feeling that I'm starting to realize that it's a privilege to cherish my whole life and I really appreciate it, so why aren't so many people?At several stages of my life, I actually turned "smile" into an experimental process of my own to determine the proportion of about a hundred people.I have found 100 unknown humans to see their reactions from the gift of your true acceptance of smiles.I found that only 48% of people smile at me.Yes, only 48% of the people shared the moment of happiness with me and showed me thoughtfulness and kindness.Smile no longer seems enough to satisfy the desires that people may seek;Therefore, it may never be understood that it is their lack of pleasant smiles that make it impossible for people to get the peaceful life they seek.Perhaps it has prevented them from providing human happiness to those who welcome it.If you 've ever heard the song "Smile", Nat King Cole came up with the most original and wonderful lyrics, all of which have been carefully patched to cause a man's soul to tremble.When his heart breaks, he only smiles.This alone is enough to attract my attention.Think about how painful it is when you are in the most difficult time of your life, even now, experienced or going through.At the worst, it's hard to smile through any experience you had at the time, but in the end, your face is back smiling again.The face will never lose the feeling of how to create a smile, but it may be out of reach during that time.If you smile all the time throughout the course of the treatment, which means whether receiving the treatment is positive or negative, what do you think will happen?Do you think you can overcome the problem at hand more effectively or even faster?Maybe yes, maybe not, but what if it's possible to experience a heartbreaking experience from a simple smile, rather than experiencing pain or trauma from it?The next time you have to go through moments of weakness, emotional pain or confusion, rather than wearing a mute button on your face, think carefully about this and change the channel to a smile and embrace how you feel.Something like a subtle smile can make the attitude elegant, even at the most disruptive times.Remember how much your smile helps you or someone else you don't even know.A smile is the best gift a person can give, so give it often.
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