why is it important to mask our facial expressions Are you a Stream or a Twisted Garden Hose? Keep the energy flowing between you and your audience

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Are you a Stream or a Twisted Garden Hose?  Keep the energy flowing between you and your audience
There's an old saying: "Giving is better than accepting", but in fact it's only half of it, right?"Giving is better than accepting because giving begins the acceptance process," said Jim Rohn .".Deepak Chopra mentioned the law of giving in the Seven Laws of spirit of success: "The universe operates through dynamic exchange ...... Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of the universe."While these philosophies are often associated with wealth and prosperity, they can also be applied to your next speech or media opportunity and have a great success!A wealth-The consciousness coach helps the flow of energy because it is related to money.The relationship coach is the same for love, but as a performance coach, I focus on the flow of energy between the speaker (or "performer") and the audience.When the flow is unimpeded, the return is huge;You have a message that can change people's lives and, in turn, the world!You have to optimize every opportunity, right?Effective communication depends on this free flow path.On the most effective level, this path is like a clean life.Give, sparkling streams.If you have had a demo experience similar to a twisted garden hose then maybe we should take a look at some easy ways to re-Build this surge!Of course, the biggest inhibition of flow anywhere in our lives is fear.This is one of the best topics I think --on-one training.(There are even ways to make fear work for you, not against you!) Today, however, I will focus on two physical barriers that hinder the flow of communication ...... It can be said that the beaver dam is in the stream.The first obstacle is the most obvious: the stage podium.Some speakers thought it was a safe.Well, I don't think the podium was designed to shift the barriers to the audience, unless your topic is so controversial that it becomes a legitimate possibility, I say, stay away from it!It hides you and prevents you from showing your energy to the audience.Putting your notes on the podium, and occasionally returning to the podium during a long speech is perfectly fine, but physically opening up, the audience will be easier to open up to you.The second is a physical blockage that is not obvious.This is one of the basic elements of communication that has been highlighted in most lecture classes, but this is one of the most misunderstood and underdeveloped skills I have encountered.This is eye contact.Eye contact is not just a scan from one side of the room to the other.It's not "3 seconds in this direction, switch, there are 3 seconds ......" Eye contact with a group should be like any conversation;Think about the party you are already having a discussion about: when the person talking makes eye contact, you feel recognized and respected.Including you.When speaking to a group, there are moments that are the most powerful moment to connect and create this feeling: Usually this is the end of a sentence or idea.Try it yourself in front of the camera;When you say the last sentence of each sentence, read something and look at the camera.It takes some practice, but it's much easier to learn to bring your eyes to the audience at the right time and even deliver "cold" speeches, such as introducing the next speaker!When you share your message, creating a simple flow of energy is a skill to create a wonderful experience for you and your audience.The ease of communication directly contributes to the flow of love, money and even health.
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