why is it important to mask our facial expressions Are you afraid of public speaking?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Are you afraid of public speaking?
You are not alone, most people are afraid to speak publicly, but what can you do.Through practice, everyone can become an incredible speaker.Joining the Toastmasters is one of the best ways to start (the organization has affected the lives of many people.This is a place to become a confident public speaker and a strong leader in supportive learning --by-Create an environment where you can achieve your goals at your own pace.Who attended the lecture?It's not for "cheers" but to improve your skills in a structured and supportive way.In addition, you will be able to contact and make friends.If you are an entrepreneur, you can even connect with potential customers and participate in everyone's journey to success.Let me share with you an amazing success story that Vonnie recently sent me: "Do you know how it feels to stand in front of a group of people and give a speech?When you are unwell, your hands sweat and tremble so hard that you can't control them.You stand in front of your audience, all you see is black, you can't talk, your ears are ringing.You know what you have to say, but you just want to cry.Finally, you say something in your mouth.You will see the confused expression on your audience's face, as if you were talking in code.You stopped to go out and got humiliated.You learned later that what you said meant nothing to anyone because they were not even sentences.
This happened to my Jr.Over the next 40 years, high school and I have avoided anything that might make me appear in front of people.I got into my shell like a turtle and hid it.I am surrounded by very outgoing people so I never need to talk in groups.
I started my personal growth journey more than a year ago and I hired urrick as my coach.We started from an early age and began to work hard to change.She always advised me to attend the lecture.I kept telling her I would, and I knew very well that I would never join the talk Club.To avoid speaking, I did everything I could imagine.I will not do this to myself!Read the full story of Vonnie here (there are instructors to guide your journey.I was lucky enough to be Mike's mentor who shared his experience here (what can you do today to prepare for an extraordinary presentation?In situations where you experience fear, you can gain the power of your heart, such as speaking in public.You have an untapped power on you.In fact, you have been using this gift all the time, but it is not always in your favor.Your imagination is power.Think about how often you imagine something going on or worry about something going on.You see the image of what you are really worried about, you feel it and get involved emotionally.The world we imagine is powerful. it helps us succeed and limits us.When we imagine something, we create new neural pathways, and we create experiences that our brains can enter again.We created a reference frame and cell memory.For example, you have a cellular memory to learn how to ride a bike from your actual physical experience of riding a bike when you were a child.You can create the same type of cellular memory through repeated imagination and regulate your body and mind.High-performance athletes use these techniques to optimize their performance and win the championship.Image of success (it's incredible to prepare for important meetings, sales meetings, presentations, and interactions that are important to you and your career.Remember, you are not alone;Most people are afraid of public speaking.This is not necessarily the case;In a situation where you are experiencing such fear, you can gain your inner strength.
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