why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Chat

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Chat
Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel physical pain and sometimes you don't?Have you ever wondered why you feel nervous when you wake up in the morning, and you feel free and flexible in other mornings?There are also times when you talk to someone and suddenly the topic you're talking about can cause an instant tension in your neck or even a headache.
The reason is simple, that is, your emotions have a lot of control over your body.Positive emotions can create a healthy feeling, and negative emotions can cause some damage.The person sitting will have pain again and again.Are you blaming pain and tension on physical exertion, or are you more in line with your body and very clear that your thoughts will create a state of your being?Listening to what your body tells you is usually the first step in healing.
Everything you think will have an impact on your body, and when you look at your thoughts every day, it may not be surprising that you feel some form of pain and tension.If negative thoughts and belief systems create some kind of pain, then positive thoughts will help eliminate the pain.Think about your situation ...... What is your status?Where does your body stay tense?Maybe your illness is manifested through the stomach, giving you a feeling of nausea or cramps.Persistent headaches are another way of showing negative emotions and thoughts.Anger and frustration are common undercurrents that create headaches.Whether it's muscle or other forms of pain, be aware that this is just a way for your body to let you know that something needs to be corrected.That is, the beliefs or ideas you have always held need to be looked.What's the point of sticking to it?It may be thinking about yourself or others, but your body is telling you to let go no matter which one.Most of the pain and unhealthy is due to persistence or fear or both.An example of this is to stick to a situation where there is no longer a place in your life.Maybe a job or a relationship is running.I'm not saying that certain situations can't be solved (sometimes, just communication is needed to correct things ).If that can't be corrected, however, then yes, it's time to move on.We often don't want to move on because there's nothing better to worry about than this, or you're hurting another person.However, when you finally release yourself, you usually find that this is the best.Your body is a tool for learning, not a tool for disease.As mentioned earlier, discomfort such as shoulder pain, hip pain, or stomach discomfort can occur in different ways.When you want to ask yourself the following questions --"Why do I feel this way?"What am I fighting or cracking down on?"For me, what is it that needs to be addressed?"Usually, stomach disease may be due to something that you have not stepped on that is happening.Maybe what you are doing is not consistent with your truth.I mean do what really suits you.Are you walking around for someone else, not yourself?The only way to answer this question is to evaluate where you are-are you really happy with your life?Are you passionate about what you do?If not, consider making some changes.It can be scary if you never put yourself first, but just take small steps and do something for you.Massage, walk, or do yoga."Timeout" is a great way to get back to something important-you.In doing so, you succeed in living more in the present, and you slowly but surely find the courage to make the changes that need to be made.If you respect yourself and do the right thing for yourself, it is naturally for the best of all.I know it's hard to say it's easy to do, but try to do it and it's easier to do it!It depends on being honest with yourself, and knowing that if this change brings you real happiness, then in the long run it is right for the rest of you around you.The other side of "timeout" and putting yourself first is that it often changes the behavior of others --Sometimes amazing.In this case, the changes you desire initially will no longer be necessary.However, in any case, you feel empowered and in control of your life.Physical stress and pain develop when you do not live according to your true path, or do not flow with life.Most of the time, it will appear in a form of physical excess.exertion.For example, carrying a heavy box can stretch out your back, or shoveling dirt in the garden can cause tension on your shoulders.Neck pain and repetitive strain may be a common condition in the workplace.These activities can only cause obstacles and therefore discomfort.As you become more and more aware that the performance of pain is the way your body is trying to tell you something, you no longer blame the behavior that caused the pain.Carry heavy cases and shovel dirty, they just cause activity of blockage and discomfort.Any negative emotions, negative thoughts, or negative beliefs can create blockages.This negative mood is usually maintained in the body for many years and then manifested as pain or imbalance.An example of negative emotions is fear of change.Change is not a crazy thing for human beings, but it is the only constant thing in life.Combat change is a great start if you want to experience pain.The battle itself can create blockages, and if it accumulates over time, the blockages will remain in your body unless you take steps to clear the blockages.If the fear of change is not eliminated, then you experience some kind of pain every time you face a change.Change often means that the old rules no longer apply.In order to grow and stay healthy, you need to constantly put down the conditions of the past and that no longer serve you.Letting go means giving in to change and accepting new ones will free you.The underlying factor of disease is diseaseRelax and not relax about something.Body pain is usually caused by not following the flow, and the state of your body is a barometer of your life.When dis-Ease becomes a disease and sees it as a way your body makes a sound to you, trying to wake you up.Use disease to better understand your emotions and the problems at hand as it provides an opportunity to clear the blockage and heal.Emotion is created by faith.The difference is whether or not these beliefs have a negative impact on your life.Lack of trust in yourself or others can also cause pain.You can bet that if you don't trust yourself completely, then somewhere in your life is someone you don't trust.If you don't like or hate yourself, you can't like or hate another person.
Someone once made a profound statement to me. I was not crazy at the time.They said, "it's all about you!Just look at this sentence ...... If it's all about me then I can't blame anyone else.I am completely responsible for my actions and my life.That revelation is quite big!Today, when I get annoyed with anything in my life, I think of these words.They will either make me laugh or their truth will annoy me-"truth" is a valid word!Next time you experience pain, look at it from another angle.Listen to your body by touching your feelings.What stress or troubles have you had lately?Remember, being honest with yourself is the key.Use disease to better understand your emotions and the problems at hand as it provides an opportunity to clear the blockage and heal.Emotion is created by faith.The difference is whether or not these beliefs have a negative impact on your life.A great tool to help clear what's going on is to simply ask.In your life, ask a simple question to the higher forces, such as "What is the pain in the end ?"?Or the pain you feel is not physical but a negative emotion.Anger is an emotional pain, so you can ask, "Why is this situation making me feel so angry?"Whenever you get angry or frustrated with a situation, it's usually not about it at all.Rather, this is because of what it reflects on you.By asking, the answer will be shown and remember that you need to be really ready to see the truth.Get familiar with your inner barometer and learn how to really listen to what your body is telling you.Medication can certainly help ease the pain or help calm the nerves, but it doesn't touch the heart of the original creation.To clear it completely, you need to stay in touch with how you feel.This may be a challenge for most of us.Treatments such as massage, reiki, and meditation can be entered on a deeper level to allow a sense of peace to emerge.Cultivating yourself in this way helps you grow, and you start to see and feel things differently.For example, once you may be upset about a particular event or situation, you are now starting to sit in a non-reaction.The more peace you gain from within, the more peace your life will become.You bring yourself back to the present, and in the present you can begin to let go of the past and any pain that comes with it.You finally see things more clearly and the real happiness comes up.You have also begun to notice that peace breeds peace.It could be like a domino effect and spread to others around you.This must be a good thing!
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