why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Langauge & Dating: How to Send Signals that Support You

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Langauge & Dating: How to Send Signals that Support You
Is your body language consistent with the message you want to send?At Kathie Lee and Hoda's Today show, body language expert Janine Driver meets with silent but important signal speed attendees as professionals at city speed dating eventsAs you may have experienced in your own life, body language is a key part of how you get along with others and often affects your decisions about whether or not to pursue a potential interest in love.Does his aggressive move make you feel more like a woman and a piece of meat?Will her overly frivolous behavior inspire you to take her out for dinner or go straight home for dinner --Time rolling in sacks?In fact, your position on men, women, double standards, and so on does not change the fact that body language often affects the results you get in the relationship market.If you miss Janine, here are some of her observations: 1.
4.Keeping an open frame, just as you are talking to friends or family members, staying Interactive is a powerful sign of confidence.Now I agree with Kathie Lee, who quickly commented on the importance of being loyal to himself rather than trying to manipulate your actions in a way that is really not yours.My favorite sentence in my book "Thank goodness you dumped his ass" is, "change who you are and what you like, your behavior or the way you speak will only attract a partner that you always have to be with each other.However, spring has emerged, and even in the coldest places in the country, the concept of love is rapidly thawing.So how do you make sure that your body language is aligned with the information you want to send without engaging in false, over-thinking and possibly completely transparent performances?It’s simple.The best way to guide your actions and results is to be aware of your intentions and what drives them.As Janine Driver says, your intentions are always first.The intention is followed by your body language, your mind, and then your language.So the best way to make sure your body language signals what you want is to understand your intentions and the factors that drive your actions.What motivates you at the moment you meet others?You may want to meet a man there, but you have a stronger desire to feel attractive.If you feel that your attractive intention is more than your intention to meet your opponent, your body language will be consistent with the idea of wanting to feel attractive.It's easy to ask for such verification to get you too proactive, or to use words and gestures that are meant to attract attention rather than really be of interest.Dating doesn't have to be too complicated.Using your consciousness to ensure that your intentions are clear and motivated by desire will enhance (and not hinder) your ability to attract what you want.Your body language will signal exactly what you want effortlessly.Simple scoop on how to attract the final relationship, pick up my fun but strategic new book, thank goodness you dumped his ass --Use Those Mr.The mistake of bringing you directly to Mr.Right."Love is yours. success is waiting for you.
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