why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Language: Can Trapped Emotions Define Someone’s Body Language?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Language: Can Trapped Emotions Define Someone’s Body Language?
When it comes to words that someone uses, it is possible for people to cover up what really happens.Here you can say what they think they should say or what sounds right.While the other person can take this as the truth, it may be only half-true or completely fabricated.This is why it is important for a person to see what the person is still communicating.One of the biggest sources of information is what their bodies are releasing.While this can be manipulated like words can cover up what is happening, it is much more difficult to do so.The body is difficult to control when the brain can be monitored and controlled because it has its own mind.Another name of the body is the unconscious mind and body language, often continuing unconsciously.People also read body language unconsciously.This means that their mind may have an idea for someone, and there may be other things to tell them about their body or intuition.It is essential that since body language plays a huge role in one's encounter, it will be an important factor in understanding what another person is saying.It is also important for a person to know their body language in order to express it according to their wishes and to make the right impression.The next logical step is to focus on the body.Understand what their bodies do in certain fulfillment processes and how different environments affect them.With a lot of books on the subject, it doesn't take much effort to understand body language.While people may not know how their bodies react in their lifetime, it's not like they're trying to understand a foreign language.Therefore, great improvements can be made in a very short period of time.At first it looks strange, it will be much easier over time, and then it will become natural, even something they don't need to think about.This is an obvious example of how the brain controls the body.If the body makes a person feel closed, submissive, nervous or shy, then this will be seen as the right thing to do.It can also lead to reasons for ignoring why their bodies react like it does.These reactions can be considered trivial and people only need to force their bodies to change.It is undeniable that the result of simply changing a person's body language will result in a person meeting different things.Therefore, it is common for others to react differently to them.This is enough for some, and will soon feel the same.For others, however, changing their bodies will not have much impact.For example, some people may find that their whole life has changed and their relationship has changed.Others may find that their lives have not really changed, and that their real feelings are just covered up and suppressed.So outside, they may look out of alignment, or they may run into uncoordinated situations, but inside, they feel like a liar.By accepting advice from another person or solving problems through their own conclusions, one can continue what they are doing;I believe that by repeating, they will feel different, and others will soon realize the difference.Another option is to get in touch with their body and see why it reacts like it does.People may see a pattern of how their bodies react around people.So people can find that they close when they are around the opposite sex or when anyone is too close to them.Being with a large group of people, or when a person is in public, has the same effect.Trapped emotions the reason a person's body reacts in these ways is not necessarily because of what is happening outside, but because of how your mind explains what is happening.What happens outside and then triggers certain emotions inside.So even though they have a feeling, their body is doing something that feels comfortable.If you feel vulnerable or fearful, they will naturally cross their arms.These emotions may have been trapped in their bodies for many years.The situation is reminding them of what happened these years ago.Their minds may have forgotten everything that happened, but their bodies remember it.People can find that their heads are usually tilted forward, or that their shoulders are round.Now, one way is to lift your head and push your shoulders back.But that doesn't say why their bodies do that.The reason they do this may be to protect their hearts.The heart has not only the use of the body, it is also the emotion of sadness, loss, rejection and abandonment.So if a person carries a trapped mood there, then the closed posture is normal and feels "comfortable ".When there is indeed a trapped mood in a person's body, they need to be released.When this happens, people will find that their body language changes naturally.This can be done with the help of a therapist, therapist or trusted friend.
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