why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Language in the Workplace and Why It Matters

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Language in the Workplace and Why It Matters
I always see articles on dating body language on websites, newspapers and magazines, but few people give up reporting on body language in the workplace.After all, most of us work about thirty to forty hours a week, and most of us have to work with others.So it makes almost as much sense to know your colleagues and clients as to understand the mood and attitude of your friends and family.Why?It's simple, the more you understand people's attitudes and emotions about anything, the more you can choose how to deal with them.The better you handle people and situations, the more progress you make in your career.
There is an old saying: "It is your attitude, it is not your ability that determines your height ", i'm sure you can find out that there are people in your organization who have "attitudes that can be done" and people who have no attitudes.I bet those who have the "can do" attitude, their body language is completely different from those who don't have the "can do" attitude.People who "can do" also seem to know how to deal instinctively with others and situations in their personal and business lives.The people who "can do" are the people who are noticed and usually promoted, they may not always be good at their work, but they have the knack of being noticed by the right people, and then, they think they are suitable for the job.The key to having an "can do" attitude is to understand the people around you, how they tick, what they want from their work and life.The more you know about people, the easier it is to have a positive mental attitude, because understanding their non-verbal signals, movements, and gestures will give you a deep understanding of their possible future behavior.This can remind you of the troubles coming up and give you the opportunity to avoid it by doing something different before things get to this step, or you can even amplify someone's good mood for something to motivate more.It all starts with noticing what their body has done and what signals it has sent out.This is obvious, but most people miss the signal from other people's body language because they are too dependent on language.
First, take the time to observe others in your working environment.When they talk to others, look at them and notice how different they are talking to different people.Do they and the boss think differently about you?
Are they different from men and women?
Are they different from those who are confident and shy?You will know who is the best person to help you solve a specific problem, who is the best person to help a job with a specific deadline, and who is the most reliable person.After all, old words;"Action is louder than language" is so real because no business can operate and survive without people in action.People who "can do" show what they "can do" through their actions most of the time.Their posture reflects their confidence in their ability to do whatever is necessary, and consistency is the key to reading people.Everyone has their own traits, so whenever they get out of this pattern, you have to always pay attention to what you see.
Posture is the first observable behavior. you can see and research by the British Chiropractic Association found that 61% of people believe in their confidence and true self-confidence in good posture, "do" things.
Eye contact is another important area of "being able to" the body language of a person, as maintaining good eye contact is a sign or respect in most cultures.It also shows that they actively listen and write down what you say, and, in addition, if they look at you, you can read their facial expressions when giving them instructions or asking for their opinions.
Nodding and shaking his head in the right place also shows positive listening, and the person who "can do" is largely a positive listener.These are just simple areas of easy-to-observe behavior that can help you stay ahead of your business by having the right people do the work you need to do.People who "can do" keep the company alive, you have a company that "can't do" without them, which will kill your business.
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