why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Language - Speaking Without Words

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Language - Speaking Without Words
One of the most influential communication patterns we use in our daily interactions is our non-Body language or body languageIt is this way of communication that inspires our emotions and reactions.Studies have shown that understanding of body language increases a person's ability to succeed in getting anything he wants from any given situation.Have you ever seen a couple sit together and know in a few minutes how good or bad their relationship is?Have you ever thought about how you came to this conclusion so quickly without any direct interaction?Whether you realize it or not, we will take a day to respond to people'sLanguage cues projected through their body language and draw conclusions about them from our observations.Our body language reveals the truth that we hide from the world in words, including our true feelings about ourselves, our relationships and our situation.Through our eyes, gestures, body postures and facial expressions, people who interact with us can determine our intentions, the quality of our relationship, the level of mastery we have in any given situation, our faith, what are our real motives and desires.The power of body language lies in the emotional response it produces.In almost every case, the feeling drives decision-making and response.Non-Verbal cues trigger emotions that determine the core assets of an individual, such as: true, credible, sincere, skill level and leadership.The explanation of these leads can determine who we date, the jobs we are hired for, what kind of success we get, and even who might be elected to an influential political position.Why don't we spend a few years learning and developing effective body language skills?In fact, most people underestimate the importance of body language until they seek a deeper understanding of human behavior in personal relationships, or gain an advantage in a competitive business environment.Mastering body language gives people the key to explaining the meaning behind specific gestures and body movements, and provides an understanding of how to effectively project and communicate information when dealing with others.Therefore, the overall effectiveness of interpersonal relationships is greatly improved.The best way to start this mastery process is to learn the basic interpretation of the two core body language types --The existence of openness and the existence of closure.The closed body language type appears on the person who folds the body around the center line of the body, and it extends down from the top of the head to the middle of the foot.The physical feature of creating this presence is that the feet are put together, the arms are close to the body, the hands cross over the body or in front of the body, the small gestures remain close to the body, the shoulders roll forward, the eyes focus below the line of sight.The message sent to the world by closed body language is lack of confidence, low self-esteem, powerlessness and lack of experience.In extreme cases, you can even create information that you want to be invisible.The impact on individuals projecting this body language can range from simply not getting the best possible opportunity to hiding the worst of the selfTo achieve the concept of victims.In contrast, openness exists in those who create a sense of authority, power and leadership by projecting confidence, success, strength and skill mastery.The body is characterized by the separation of the feet from the hips, the use of open gestures in conversations far away from the center line of the body, the elbows separated from the body, the shoulders maintained backward, upright, and the eyes focused on the eye level of the audience.These people are considered attractive, successful, intelligent and seem to be easy to succeed.We see this type of body language as "the body language of the leader ".The key to improving body language and starting to show an open presence is eye contact.Eye contact is one of the most important communication tools we have.By using direct eye contact when interacting with others, people can change the way they look at them.When people begin to speak directly to one's eyes, they are considered confident, trustworthy and skilled.Gestures and facial expressions are second-level changes that a person can make in an open state.These means of communication help to improve the ability to communicate information clearly and effectively.By skillfully using open gestures and facial emotions far away from the body, it will have a greater impact when speaking, because it will produce more visual stimulation to the listener and increase the interaction process.As children, we were taught from an early age that good boys and girls were sitting together, with their legs folded and their hands folded in front of them.Encouraging the restriction of children's body space can create some of the features in adult closed body language.To offset this effect, one can begin to adopt the features of open-presence body language and incorporate these methods into their natural state of being.After this behavior change is completed, it will provide the same non-Verbal impressions and information exist as their public presence.
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