why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Posture Affects Moods

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Body Posture Affects Moods
A recent article by Western Canada News Agency said that the recent research conducted at Hobart and William Smith College in New York state, I found that "the act of folding arms alone increases perseverance, and activate an unconscious desire to succeed."Now, when people see people cross their arms, their first reaction is to recall that they are in Africa.Act verbally and think, "Oh, the man who defended ".Indeed, the often folded arm gestures indicate reluctance to agree with the speaker's advice.Now, however, it seems that there may also be something else at work here, and the most interesting part of the research is that our non-Body language shows what we might be thinking, but ourBody language can also lead to a state of mind that can lead to what we think.In this study, people with folded arms spend more time on an impossible thingto-Solving the crossword puzzle (Word Scramble), in another study, came up with a more correct solution to the puzzle than those who were asked to put their hands on their thighs.Usually we think that mental state can lead to physical movement, but it seems to be two-way.So this suggests that we may have a range of other options to change our mood and mental state.(Besides food!) Method actors seem to have understood this for years.In order to "enter" the mood of the character depicted, the actor will take the appropriate pose.If the character is sad, depressed, or lonely, then the actor first takes the form of bending down, lowering his head, shoulders, etc.This body pose creates an inner feeling in the actor and then he/she is able to convey that feeling to the audience.Remember the song I thought was the sound of music-I held my head high whenever I felt scared, blowing happy tunes, etc.It looks like the song writer is right.The next time you want to change your mental state, try to change your physical posture to see what impact it has on your mood.It may be easier than trying to convince yourself to get rid of bad emotions.©2008, Pitsel & Associates Ltd.
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