why is it important to mask our facial expressions Build Rapport within Seconds

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Build Rapport within Seconds
Have you met someone for the first time and immediately felt connected or uncomfortable with them?Researchers at New York University found that in the first seven seconds of the meeting, we formed opinions on each other.Number of first impressions!Whether we like it or not, people do judge books by their covers.At work, this is not necessarily a person's self, but a natural human response to survival.When a stranger consciously gives you measurements, their brain determines whether you are approachable or need to avoid-whether you are a friend or an enemy.When you meet someone for the first time, they make a preliminary general evaluation of you and make a decision by how you show and express yourself.Several practical tips can help you develop your language and non-verbal communication skills and improve your chances of building positive rapport with others in this vital seven skillsThe second window and the next few minutes.You need to have three key elements at once.These are: Bernard Ross's book on influence emphasizes the importance of combining these three elements to build trust and believes that it is sincere and lovely: "When you are in this place you will experience a phenomenon called" cognitive disorder "in which sound and/or body language can destroy or violate the meaning of the word.Think about the ratio involved.Body language accounts for 55% of communication.Voice for 38%.Words for 7%.About 8: 5: 1Therefore, if the word and body language are inconsistent, the possibility of body language being delivered is 8 times that of the word.If the body language and sound are consistent with the text, the text will become very powerful, and we will feel that this person is sincere."In the first few awkward moments, the initiator of the conversation that built RapportNot didn't know what to say?Key Tip: Start your efforts to build rapport by paying attention to each other.Show your real interest in them by asking them questions and having them talk to your body language, which is louder than the words you read or hear me often about the importance of body language.Your facial expressions, gestures, and poses may be the key to making sure that the way you intend to meet is actually the way you are perceived.Pay attention to your body and signs that may not send the message you want.Key Tip: you may have listened to me before you need to stay open and broad body language.However, when building a rapport, especially if it ison-First, it is important to try to match each other's body language so that you do not intimidate them or conflict with their self.What kind of verbal impact are you doing?The tone of your speech, the language you use, the tone and speed of your speech also convey a lot of information about you.Key tip: In addition to the verbal impact you are having, what impact would you have as an audience?The first key to building rapport immediately is to start with another person-to show real interest in them by asking questions and listening carefully.
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