why is it important to mask our facial expressions Caues of Stress At Work

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Caues of Stress At Work
Stress is almost the main risk factor for every disease you can think of, yet life is stressful for millions of people around the world.There is one major cause of all the causes of stress, work and workload.Two main reasons why people feel stressed at work are-overload work and lack of work (challenge )--both extremes.It’s a dog-eat-The dog world, in order to keep up, people have to pay the priceUnrealistic, non-feasible deadlines, overly demanding work and seemingly timeless working hours make most employees feel tired and stressed for a long time.Humans lack the so-called swamp intelligence (there are a lot of swamp intelligence for some animals and insects such as ants )-This means that unless the work is well organized, the cooperation is goodIt is difficult for ordinary people to work in a social group.Misconceptions and differences due to unclear definitions of work boundaries and objectives are often a deterioration factor in the pressure that already exists.The recent economic slowdown has instilled in many employees a fear of being fired and increased the need for extra work to bring high returns, which undoubtedly adds to the already bad situation.It's not just a workplace problem.The lack of anything to look forward to, even at home, most employees get frustrated, they don't sleep enough, they don't eat properly --As a result, they are sick, which, in turn, further exacerbated the problem.Good sleep is very important to keep healthy and happy.Cases of insomnia and lethargy are increasing due to unnecessary work load, which will only affect happiness and overall well-being.As we all know, the games release a chemical called endorph, which can boost one's mood.A complete lack of exercise, on the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle provides a perfect condition for a person to become unhealthy other than unhealthy, which may have caused minor mental trauma.On the other hand, the work that some people do is very monotonous and they feel that they are not making full use of their potential and therefore they are victims of under-stress --Caused by the lack of challenging enough work.Scientists have determined that an optimal amount of stress is needed to maintain individual motivation and action.The lack of this minimum stress is the reason these people are in a low stress state.
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