why is it important to mask our facial expressions Charisma: Connecting physically, emotionally and intelectually

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Charisma: Connecting physically, emotionally and intelectually
Before the end of the statute of limitations for the development of the resolution, I have a suggestion.Not a casual, easily abandoned solution like signing up for a spin class or reducing caffeine, but a big problem that needs commitment.The administrative presence is at the heart of my proposal, and in those days of long forgotten cursive resolutions, it may be listed as "improving leadership skills "."Today, our expectations for leaders are far greater than modest improvements.We are looking for a charismatic leader and, in fact, this is my suggestion: consider charm.Let me explain.Charm refers to one's ability to motivate others.In the end, isn't this all about leadership?Dr.Tony Alex Sandro defines glamour as the ability to positively influence others through physical, emotional and intellectual connections with others.Considered one of the most exciting speakers and prolific writers in the United States, with 18 books and numerous foreign language translators, Dr.As he knows, Tony showed something refreshing on the street --Have a wise view of business.Growing up in New York's housing program, he thinks that's what he thinks..."What makes a person attractive and more important is not a single factor. charm is not based on me.Q.Genes, social status, wealth, or luck.On the contrary, it can be learned."The potential to be an attractive leader is there, waiting for everyone to develop with the desire, determination and commitment to start the learning process.This is an entry-The kit to keep you going: Communicate with confidence and authority.I'm not talking about arrogance, creepy arrogance, but a really confident demeanor.The voice of authority inspires trust.Remember, listening is also communication.Welcome questions.Be honest when you don't have an answer.Please note when you are wrong.Accept feedback with an open mind.Be consistent in attitude and behavior.Body language is better than language.Typical gestures with arms crossed over the chest are more illustrative than forced vocal protocols.Gestures, gestures, and tonality can reveal how you really feel.Send out the passion from the heart.But don't pretend.People are not easy to fall.What's more, we are not willing to think we are being manipulated.On the other hand, the real passion is fascinating.It makes you credible.Personal note: When I talk about the presence of executives, I am full of energy and vitality.Usually, a member of the audience will come to me with personal reflection after the speech;Diane, what do you like to do?and it shows!"There is no greater praise for me.Share your optimism.Life is full of challenges, but the optimistic outlook heralds better chances of success and even greater chances of victory.I don't agree too much.the-top, Pollyanna-I think about life, but let's face it.Who thrive around negative energy?Take a positive path, especially as the beginning of the conversation.Show your abilities and abilities.People are attracted by power.This is reassuring.Use your authority to attract people and show your ability to help, help and play a positive role.Clothes can also show strength.Think of a police uniform or a doctor in a lab coat.Their costume sends a clear signal that we have authority.Clothing conveys that you are an expert in your field.Take advantage of you.It exudes vitality and vitality.The only reliable way to achieve this is to invest wisely in all aspects of your life.This is the balance between the physical components of sleep, nutrition and exercise and the emotional components that stimulate your intelligence, spirit, and socializing.Share your happiness and show your humor.There is nothing on this planet that connects people faster than sharing happiness.Positive body language can affect your mood, your confidence and your lovely factors.In a word, a simple smile is the best body language.
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