why is it important to mask our facial expressions Communication: Is It Important To Approach Others?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Communication: Is It Important To Approach Others?
If someone is camping in a remote location and they don't have food, it's up to them to find something to eat.Because of where they are, the food they need will not be delivered to them.

Similarly, when someone goes to a social club or participates in an event, it is likely that they will also need to work hard.This may not be the case if they are very attractive or famous.If they stand aside and do not engage with others, they may begin to feel that they are being ignored.Seeing other people talk and have a good time, then it's hard for them to deal.While being ignored, people will even feel that they are not welcome there and have the urge to leave.Their minds will be busy creating a complete story around what is happening.If they want to get involved and don't want to stand and watch again and ignite the flames, it is essential for them to take action.Instead of waiting passively for things to happen, they are the ones who will make things happen.Coming from this place also means they focus on what they can give, not what they can get.Then their entire energy will shift and their consumption of others will decrease.One option people can make is to start talking to people as soon as they arrive, because it will prevent their thinking from getting in the way of them.Then they will arrive at the venue and they will not let their energy drop by waiting for a while until they interact with others.If they wait around and let their energy go down, it is likely that they will be more difficult to make themselves move again.Their minds will eventually come up with all sorts of reasons why they shouldn't do anything.The main thing to talk to people when they arrive, what they say doesn't matter;It is important that they are in the right place.If their energy is correct, they feel good and everything else flows except to make sure they are dressed well.Their body language will eventually take care of themselves and others can be happy to be around their "life.For example, saying "hey" or "how is everything going" is enough to get the ball rolling.The important thing is that no matter how good their atmosphere is, it doesn't mean that everyone they touch will react.There may be many reasons why another person will not respond in a positive way.This person may have a bad time, or they may not have good social skills, or someone will remind them that they have had bad experiences in the past.The key will be for a person to do what they can to get that experience through them and move on.In the beginning, people may find that it is a challenge for them to act in this way.This is because they will act in an unfamiliar way, and what is unfamiliar to their self is a threat to their survival.Then one can think of this as a process, not something that happens right away.If they do not have this approach and expect it to happen immediately, they can relieve the stress with unnecessary stress and eventually give up completely.
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