why is it important to mask our facial expressions communication: is it important to be emotionally expressive?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions communication: is it important to be emotionally expressive?
When communicating with others, our facial expressions play an important role.Like a person's body language and their tone, people don't always know how they understand it.Or you may know their body language and the tone of their choice, but their facial expressions may be something they don't pay attention.If this is the case, it will make others doubt what they are saying.Consistency this is because each part of them needs to say the same so that one can be considered consistent and therefore credible.When this doesn't happen, others feel something is wrong or they hide something themselves.So, in order for a person to have the effect they want when communicating with another person or a group of people, it is important for some of them to sync.When every part of them is in harmony, their communication skills will be improved.For some, poker faces may affect how they feel or who they are with because their faces may not change.It would be a fortune if they were playing poker.However, this is not an asset in the real world.In fact, it can be described as something that harms one's ability to become an effective communicator.People may realize that they rarely show how they feel, and rarely allow the surrounding environment to influence their facial expressions, or that this may be something they don't know at all.Through the poker face to control, people can experience the sense of control.They don't show how they feel, and they don't reveal anything, which means people around them can't read them.The people around them don't realize how they feel or what their point of view is, and that gets the upper hand.If one thinks they need to have the upper hand in life while others are using them, it is essential to have a poker face.However, if a person not only wants to connect with others, but also wants to establish a deeper connection with others, then it will be important for others to be able to read them.When a person does not show their feelings, it will make others feel uncomfortable.They may doubt whether a person is trustworthy or not, which may make them feel suspicious.While it is possible that others will use them to show how they feel, by showing how they feel, it will allow others to feel more connected with them.When one person talks to another, their response is affected by the facial expression of the other person.The facial expression of the other party can even determine the behavior of a person and what they are talking about.This is usually something that happens unconsciously, which means that one person is not always aware of how the other person affects.But even if they may not know, it will still affect their perception of the other person and thus their behaviour towards them.In some cases, emotional expression may be important to hide their feelings.If a person is in a dangerous situation and their life is threatened, it is better to have a poker face.But when a person meets a new person or date, an emotional expression will let another person know their position, which will give them the opportunity to develop an emotional connection.This does not mean that a person needs to smile all the time, nor does it mean that they always need to be full of energy;It may just mean that a person can let himself reveal how they feel.If this is something that a person would not normally do, it may feel uncomfortable at first.One way is to look at other people and see how they express themselves in different situations.Through this, people will be able to simulate what they see and develop their own ability to express emotions.
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