why is it important to mask our facial expressions Coping with Critics

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Coping with Critics
No one likes to be criticized, whether fair or not.It's always hard to deal with and it hurts you.Because I am a writer's book and column, because I give lectures, appear on radio and television, and I am sometimes recognized in public.I'm glad I wasn't recognized because other than the lovely feedback, gratitude, and additions I get from many people often feel compelled to criticize, even the books or columns they criticize have not been read.So even if negative reviews are mean, I have to learn to deal with them --I was angry and wanted to hurt me.Since we are all criticized from time to time, you may find the following ideas helpful.Whether criticism is beneficial or harmful, you can use it actively.Evaluation critic-Is it a good friend, a kind person, a mentor?Any one of these criticisms may be constructive and you may be able to trust it and learn from it.Criticism from competitors?Then use its mirror image-It may be some kind of power that threatens your opponent.Is it sent by a lover or by a bosom friend?Then it can hurt a lot because close friends know where your weakness is --And they often project their fears on you.Whatever the source of the criticism is, ignore for hours or a day until the sting fades, and then evaluate its usefulness to you.If a trusted mentor makes constructive criticism, it could be a great gift once you absorb it.Stretch yourself a little, look at the comments from an objective point of view and see how real you think it is.Most importantly, be true to yourself and know that if your good opinion of yourself is based on truth, it is the most valuable.There are a few things you can do to help criticize "roll down from your back ".First of all, use a sense of humor: If you can come up with a clever and interesting comment to spread criticism, it's always the most effective way to remove it.Second, give a "adult time" to anyone who is negative and picky: return politeness emotionally.Very pleasant but far awaySay "Yes, please" "No, thank you" and respond politely to any request, but do not share any personal information.This usually leads to a sudden departure of a negative person.Third, no matter what negative things are saidTreat it like it didn't happen.In this way, you will not reward it, and the other party will eventually stop.Don't try to motivate yourself with criticism.You can be yourself.The point is you don't realize the consequences.If you criticize a friend or lover, they will be angry with you and may leave, but most of us don't realize how selfish we are.We are very critical. how much harm it has done to our lives, so we continue to chatter about ourselves.Also, if you are with a parent who was very picky when you were a child, you will feel "normal" and you will not realize how real it sounds.Self-Criticism damages the quality of your life in several ways: it will devour your selfRespect, this can make you difficult in your relationships and prevent others from approaching.It will also lead to excessive consumption such as consumption, drinking and eating.To make yourself feel betterOverwhelming yourself with inner criticism or external coercion can make you feel depressed and rebellious.Intimidation and stress eventually lead to paralysis and delay.In my experience with my clients, the only motivation that works permanently comes from celebration and appreciation.It is easy to remember in equation form: celebrate appreciation = motivation, when you find a way to appreciate what you have achieved and celebrate your previous success, you will find that you are naturally motivated to do more.No struggle, no trouble-You are done in pure joy of success!Guidelines for learning self
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