why is it important to mask our facial expressions Creative Weight Loss Ideas

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Creative Weight Loss Ideas
If you think according to what you have always thought, you will get the same result from what you have been thinking.Does that sound reasonable?Of course!But when it comes to creative and effective weight loss, why are you interested in what you think you are thinking?Because we are the ones we care about most.Maybe you heard about the law of attraction?Using this concept, you will attract what you think most into your world.And, the more you think about a topic, the more you start to do things that align with that focus.Understand the idea and think about your weight loss goals.If you believe that eating popcorn casually while watching a movie will improve your satisfaction with watching a movie, then it is difficult for you to change the idea.Why?Because sometimes it is a reasonable expectation to relax and entertain yourself.You do some good things by relaxing, and almost everyone is relaxing while having fun.However, what does eating popcorn have to do with improving the satisfaction of watching movies?If you really think logically about the idea, you will find that eating food has nothing to do with improving the fun of listening to recorded stories.If that's true, why eat popcorn?Ask yourself some simple questions and you will soon find some interesting answers: What are the main reasons you eat while watching TV or watching movies?Do you eat while watching TV or movies because the masses do this?Because your parents did it, did you eat while you were having fun?Just because you can, do you eat aimlessly on TV or movie entertainment?If you don't know this, the actual reason to eat food is to cheer your body up.That’s it.If you eat for other reasons, this is a learning behavior.Also, it can damage your weight loss goals.If you eat food is a way to entertain yourself, or because you see a commercial advertisement that requires you to believe that eating food is a comfort to yourself, that's it for you.But ask yourself this question ...... What's wrong with your world and you need it to comfort you?If you are eating food, use it to "cope" with unhappiness when you are unhappy with something, and you are actually avoiding unhappiness.In reality, when you deal with something, you will find a way to deal with it and improve it.If you gain weight by eating food when you feel that there is no actual body hunger tip, you may overeat.Overeating does not help you lose weight.It adds weight.If you need to feel emotional comfort, connect food with emotional transformation, just like mixing oil with water.There is no connection to feeling emotional comfort by eating food.Face and solve a problem, you will feel emotional comfort.Food has no effect in the process of feeling better about anything emotionally.But change your mind.Then changing your behavior with these different ideas does help improve your things.You activate a natural and normal nervous system phenomenon almost at any time when you express strong emotions.Without this ability to focus and focus, you will not be able to live without the help of others.So it's good that you can focus.By focusing on an idea, you can also achieve goals such as effective weight loss.Do you know what is the name of this naturally normal nervous system focus and concentration phenomenon?This is called hypnosis.When you hypnotize yourself and then tell yourself an idea to believe in, you will either ruin your life or move forward successfully and live the life you dream.Through hypnosis, you can suggest how to successfully lose weight, quit smoking or attract good people into your life.Or, you can achieve many other goals in your life.I encourage you to learn how to use hypnosis for your benefit.By deliberately using hypnosis to think clearly and achieve the desired goals, you can live an amazing life...If you like this stuff!
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