why is it important to mask our facial expressions Detect Lies through Body Language

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Detect Lies through Body Language

Before you go ahead and read this, please empower yourself to be a walking lie detector, Please select an option below:.Would you like to learn more about lie detection techniques and accept the fact that there are a lot of cheats in your daily life?b.Do you choose to be ignorant and live in happiness?If your choice is a, continue reading at your own risk.If your choice is B, you can stop reading now, but keep an eye on this self-authorized website for more articles that will be beneficial in the future.Why do we need to learn the technology to detect lies?It is useful for you to learn this technique of distinguishing truth from lies and apply it to your daily life.This technology will prevent us from becoming victims of fraud or scams or even other scams.Why people lie?Is a person lying to get himself out of difficulty or stress, or lies to get some benefit from it, so how should we recognize these common signs?Let’s begin…1.When a person is lying, scratching his neck, throat or mouth, he puts his cells under pressure and it heats the whole body.In order to release this heat, the swindler will begin to scratch his body to release the heat.2.Avoiding eye contact is another sign of lying.3.When a person lies, he can control his facial expression because he knows that the other person is looking at his face.When a person is fully focused on controlling the upper body, the lower body gets out of control and takes action on the lower bodyA conscious mind that leads to signs of lies.4.Gestures/expressions that contradict oral statements are also another sign of finding lies.For example, he cried when he said "I'm happy.5.Eye direction when asked a specific question, under normal circumstances, the eye looks left to recall the picture in memory.When a person cannot find an answer, the eye turns to the right, indicating that he is building something that is usually a lie.6.In the face of the person who asks the question, the liar is uncomfortable and often moves his body or head away.Last but not least, don't think people are lying without any concrete evidence of support.Become a more effective communicator by using these lie detection techniques, and thus become more self-empowered.
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