why is it important to mask our facial expressions Detecting Liars: Signs To Look For When Detecting Liars

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Detecting Liars: Signs To Look For When Detecting Liars
It's relatively easy to find cheats, especially when you know what logo to look.There are two ways to detect liars: by what they say and the way they behave.So you have to tell yourself that you want to know if the person you are talking to is lying.What They Say.If a person is lying, they will feel uncomfortable discussing the issue.So they will try to divert your attention or change the topic.Observe their reactions when you change the topic, especially the subtle signs of relief they convey.The scammer also tries to remove the doubts in your heart by using absolute such as "always", "everyone" or "never.This is the way they convince you of their lies or defend yourself, so be sure to keep this in mind when you find a liar.When faced with something, a liar may also use a joke as an answer.The reason is that they hide something and they don't want to reply directly to your inquiry.In fact, they even throw the problem to you.They use this strategy to get time to come up with a credible answer, especially when you ask them for an answer.If one gives an honest answer, there is nothing to think about.But on the other hand, liars have to come up with a legitimate response so they need as little time as possible.You also have to look at the inconsistency in their story.When a liar says something, it is usually an impulse.Therefore, they often forget what they have said before, resulting in inconsistent stories.Body language is very rich.Humans subconsciously send out physical signals to let others see how you feel or your current state of mind.So knowing how to read these body language signals is good for yourself when detecting a liar.Eye contact is a way to detect whether people tell the truth.If they can't look you in the eye, then they may be deceptive.You may also notice that they become fidgety and they can't stand or stammer.Other common signals are voice shaking or slight shaking of both hands.A major indicator is when they overtouch an area of the face, such as the nose or ears.This should really give clues, especially if it's not a person's habit to do so.These are just some of the most common signs you have to look for when you find a liar.
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