why is it important to mask our facial expressions Discipline - Stand at Ease

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Discipline - Stand at Ease
While pursuing a dedicated course requires discipline, it can put a lot of pressure on learners.There should be no undue effort to control the behavior of learners.If the teacher pushes it too far, students will naturally lose interest in a subject.The focus shifted from the courses that should be taught to behaviors that are considered acceptable.Compliance with norms is necessary in the classroom, but practice norms should not be at the expense of the primary goal of learning.If your child has a problem with studying at school because it needs to act in the prescribed manner, then there may be unnecessary pressure on discipline.How does the teacher know when to draw a line?It depends on the teacher's understanding of the students' psychology.Many times, when the authoritarian approach is the order of the day, the children will not take any initiative, which is a natural reaction to the techniques used by strict teachers.Usually, teachers can't predict the behavior of students, they use cutting and drying techniques.This method of cutting and drying may seem clear and tried, but it does not help students grow in the long run.This will enable children to rely on discipline in some form, and without discipline they will never grow to take responsibility.The purpose of discipline is to cultivate the sense of responsibility of the audience, not to control their every move.Naturally, when your teacher is breathing around your neck, it kills your child and affects the morale of individual learners.Why bother teaching how to learn through discipline suppression when you can take online classes?To learn online, you need yourselfActively and diligently make full use of education on this platform.You will automatically develop responsibility for your own learning because it is online, so it is impossible to enforce additional discipline, which is a good thing.Modern technology in network educationEnabling technology that meets the requirements of each learner.No technology can be pre-Be firm, but with the help of a mentor, you can make up your mind to get you ahead of the times.
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