why is it important to mask our facial expressions Does Your Body Language Attract Other People or Push Them Away?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Does Your Body Language Attract Other People or Push Them Away?
You know, even if you never say a word, your face and body are constantly sending messages to others about your mental state, your happiness and your level of confidence.You have been reacting to the body language, voice tone and facial expressions of the people around you.Some body language experts claim that only about 7% of the messages we send to others are delivered through what we say.Our other messages are communicated through our body language, voice and intonation, and facial expressions.Throughout your life, you have been sending messages to others through your poses, gestures, and facial expressions.Does your body language signal tell others that you are an open, friendly person?Or is your body language scaring people away and telling them that you are closed, angry, nervous and not interested in them?How do you usually stand or sit when you are with others?What are you doing with your hands?Where do you look with your eyes?Is your face an interest in the person you are with, or is your face a tight, stone mask?Do you usually cross your arms over your chest when you are sitting or standing?If this is a typical way for you to stand or sit, how do you think others explain this posture?Do you realize that most people subconsciously interpret the arms that cross your chest as a signal that you don't want anyone to get close to you?When you take this pose, it is only possible for the bravest soul to come forward.If you're standing awkwardly, leaning forward on your chest, drooping your shoulders, and avoiding other people with your eyes, one might think you're very upset or totally lacking confidence.They may be worried that trying to talk to you will be an embarrassing experience.When you stand awkwardly, you have no indication that you have confidence in yourself or that you have any interest in the people around you.Instead, you look like you're trying to disappear.No matter how desperately you want someone to come over and make friends with you, if your body language shows embarrassment or disinterest in others, it is unlikely that many people will try to start a conversation with you.If there are signs of body language that can scare people away, is there a signal that can encourage people to come forward and approach you?Yes, if you use open and non-open body language, you can look more accessible to othersthreatening.Whether you're sitting or standing, stay upright, alert, and relaxed.If you find your chest or shoulders slipping, stand straight.Realize the way you breathe.Did your breathing go in and out?Or will it move with unstable little stations and starts?If you notice that you are holding your breath or breathing in a superficial, unstable way, it is a sign of anxiety.When you breathe shallow, you have to breathe often, which can increase your nervous performance.Consciously tell you all the muscles in your body to relax.Use your abdomen to help you breathe smoothly and take a deep breath.Fill the bottom and top of your lungs with air.What are you doing with your hands?If you feel nervous on social occasions, you may feel that whatever you do with your hands is wrong.Many people who cross their arms on their chests may at least partly because they don't know where they can still put their hands.Unless you really don't want anyone to be near you, you should never cross your arms on your chest.This is the message from this gesture.If you want to look open and approachable to others, put your arms around you or put one hand in your pocket.Don't put your arms around your body.If you want to hold something in one hand, put your hand on the side of your body, not in front of you.Holding your arm in front of your body can be seen as a signal that you want to protect yourself from others.Maintain attention and attention to the surrounding environment and people around you.If you find yourself adjusting your surroundings, you will begin to focus too much on your negative inner feelings and thoughts.This will quickly increase your anxiety to a very uncomfortable level.What facial expressions should you have if you want people to approach you?A gentle, pleasant smile should work in most cases.A smile that is too gentle looks like a force and tension.The eyes are flashing with a pleasant smile, which will leave a pleasant experience of chatting with you.
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