why is it important to mask our facial expressions Facts about South Kores

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Facts about South Kores
Korea is a beautiful country with rich culture.The ancient wisdom of Taoism coexist with the most advanced technology.People here like the Western way of life, but they keep many customs that are misunderstood by outsiders.
We have found out how amazing the country is and decided to share with you the most unusual facts we know about Korea.

According to a sociological survey, one out of every five women in South Korea has undergone plastic surgery.This type of operation is considered normal here.As a graduation gift, parents often pay for surgery for their children.The most popular surgeries include skin whitening, removal of birthmarks and changing the shape of the eye.Men also have this type of surgery.
Many Koreans have poor eyesight.
Many Koreans are short-sighted from an early age, wearing glasses or contact lenses.This often gives the impression that they are born with poor eyesight.They often learn and keep their eyes on the screen of their device, which makes their eyesight worse.However, this has not prevented many of them from achieving much.Two-East of Olympic championI saw Xuanyue-However, 20% of people with perfect eyesight have won medals in archery!
Cosmetics for large household use.
Korean women take good care of their skin and hair and use a lot of cosmetics to achieve this.They just didn't come out without makeup.As a whole, young Koreans will pay attention to their appearance.It is impossible to see a man with a perfect hairstyle.Korean cosmetics are very popular all over the world.
The mini skirt is very popular in Korea.
Mini skirts and shorts have always been popular here.This dress is considered normal even for business women.But that's not always the case.From 1963 to 1979, under the leadership of President Park Chung Hee, it was illegal to wear a skirt that exceeded 20 cm of the knee.These skirts are perfectly normal today.In Korea, however, you will never see a woman who reveals a cleavage.
Only a few Koreans have tasted dog meat.
Despite widespread stereotypes, only a few Koreans have tasted dog meat.More and more people now refuse to eat the dish.Dogs are their companions in the younger generation, which is particularly strong.The state also encourages people to eat dog meat.Visit our website to learn more about the country.
Koreans often drink alcohol.
Drinking is a natural combination for Koreans.Every Korean knows a lot of powerful drinking games designed to get everyone drunk as quickly as possible.They get drunk quickly but never cause problems and they like karaoke.Most popular drinkssoju -It is a potent vodka made of grain or potatoes, traditionally consumed in green bottles.
Koreans are crazy about food.
In every Korean city, you can find a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants on all the streets.Instead of asking, "How are you ?"?The Koreans will say, "Are you eating well ?""The lack of a meal amounts to a sin: kimchi is the most traditional dish, consisting of spiced and pickled vegetables and the most important Chinese cabbage.Physical contact is completely normal.
In most countries, two men holding hands are seen as an open expression that they are in love.But not in Korea.Paradoxically, while same-sex relationships are often treated negatively here, men sitting on the knees of male friends or playing with their hair are considered acceptable.
Korean can't handle red ink.
People believe that if you write someone's name in red ink, that person will have serious problems in the near future.They might even die.Some people believe that red ink evades demons and protects the dead, but it does the opposite for life.
The Koreans are very concerned about gestures.
In order to show respect, things should only be accepted with both hands.South Koreans also pay special attention to shaking hands.A few years ago, Bill Gates went against local customs in this regard.When he saw the president of the country, he shook hands and put the other in his pocket.In South Korea, this is seen as a sign of extreme contempt for individuals.
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