why is it important to mask our facial expressions Helping to Understand Body Language re Lying, Dating and Job Interviews

why is it important to mask our facial expressions Helping to Understand Body Language re Lying, Dating and Job Interviews

Your body language has a great impact on you and on how others see you.So you can learn a lot from other people's body language.Body language accounts for 55% of our communication.Body language and language cues can indicate many different things, depending on the context.People with strong body language, open movements, and more space tend to be more confident.They are more likely to be less stressed, have more advantages, take more risks and be more optimistic.The dominant body language creates a powerful look.Studies have shown that even pretending to be high and low poses can have a positive and negative effect on the level of confidence of participants.Pretend it until you make it look fake, but the process of pretending it will help you start with a slight change in body language.What everyone can learn.Here are three situations where common body language is particularly important-interviews, appointments and finding lies, and ways to read between the lines to help understand what's really happening.Whether you like it or not, we often lie.When talking to strangers, we may lie once or more in the first 10 minutes.They may be some little lies, but we do it anyway.To avoid conflict, most of us will be involved in deception from time to time, but it may be better to tell the truth.Words can be deceptive, but it is difficult for a person's body to hide lies.Using your own body language, being able to read the body language of others can be very useful when communicating with others.
When reading body language, your main goal is to determine how comfortable they are in the current situation.The combination of language cues and body language is a process.

A clue can be misleading, so it is critical to pay attention to multiple behavioral clues.
Being able to judge whether someone is lying by reading their body language is a big advantage.Your intuition will never be 100% accurate, but through practice you will become more clear when you are deceived.The technology will help with big lies, but it's hard to spot white lies, omissions or exaggerated lies.Studies have shown that liars often show uncomfortable behavior and some specific additional features.
Research shows that it is almost impossible to pretend to smile sincerely when lying.That's why many people look awkward in family photos.Smile looks awkward if they are pretending.When your smile pushes your cheeks up and wrinkles around your eyes, your sincere smile is in your eyes.It's hard to pretend about this because you need to feel some real happy emotion to do it and it's almost impossible if you're lying.Therefore, a fake smile helps to determine if a lie is in progress.
Often, a scammer will overcompensate for too much eye contact and appear stiff when they try not to be fidgety, which can make you feel uncomfortable and upset.In a real conversation, people move and don't keep eye contact for a long time.People who lie often rub their neck or eyes because they are uncomfortable, look to the side and choose not to do anything.If you notice tension on your shoulders and frequent eye contact, you will most likely talk to a liar.
Pay attention to the conversation, if the real offender is accused of something, the scammer will provide more details and advise them to be punished.They will answer your question with a question and give them time to answer it.This dialogue combined with negative body language shows dishonesty.It is important to realize that some people may always be clumsy.Look for multiple leads and trust your intuition and ask for verification if you are unsure.
On your first date, knowing the body language of your date is very helpful to know when not to talk about things that make them uncomfortable.Basically you are just looking for general signs of comfort and discomfort.This means paying attention to how their body language is protected.On the first date, most people cross their arms with considerable care, keep the distance, and palm up.Your goal is to encourage them to be more open, open their arms and welcome themselves with a warm and sincere smile.We all tend to imitate the behavior of others, so it will help them to become more comfortable if you feel warm and comfortable.Comfort levels can fluctuate during the first date as they are nerves --You may make some mistakes.Don't worry, just go ahead.Pay attention to the positive body language and pay attention to what brings this up.If you see negative body language changing the subject.Of course, when you are not with another person, there will be evenings and there will be a lot of awkward periods.If this happens, keep going knowing that person is not for you.
The job interview is similar to the first interview, except for appointments on an equal basis, while the interviewer has the power in the job interview.If you are less comfortable than the interviewer, this can create a situation.In order not to show off status, you can easily display the negative body language you need to cover.
The first impression is really important, so smiling, shaking hands and warm greetings and the positive body language mentioned earlier will bode well for your comfortable interview.Enter the prepared interview, which will increase your comfort and your confidence.Prepare to conduct research on the company and anyone who may interview you.Natural comfort is your most valuable tool, but there are tips to help you improve your comfort.Eye contact is important, especially when the interviewer has something to tell you.Avoid blocking your eyes, lean a little forward and indicate by putting your hand on your mouth that you will not speak and will not pay attention, which seems to be a good listener.Any reasonable interviewer will understand that you are a little nervous.In fact, if you are too confident, it may indicate that you are not taking the interview seriously.
It is useful to understand body language and language cues when communicating and understanding others.It may be interesting, but you are not a psychic and you can't read what others think or feel.With these tips, you can find clues to help you get to know others better and communicate better.
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