why is it important to mask our facial expressions How can I improve myself within a month?

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How can I improve myself within a month?
It is everyone's responsibility and privilege to strive to improve themselves.Effort at self-Improvement is sometimes the definition of religion.It may be related to our actions or our beliefs.We should aim for good in our actions;In our faith, in the truth.Come up with 21 awesome ideas for improvement within a month: 1.Detox your speech.Reduce the use of dirty words.Be polite.
2.Read everyday.Nothing matters.Choose what you are interested in.
3.Promise yourself that you will never be rude to your parents.They were never worth it.
4.Observe the people around you.Absorb their virtues.
5.Spend some time with nature every day.
6.Feed stray animals.Yes, it feels good to feed hungry people.
7.No ego.No ego.No ego.Just learning, learning and learning.
8.Don't hesitate to clarify a question."The person asking a question is still a fool in 5 minutes.People who don't ask will always be fools ".
9.Whatever you do, be fully involved.This is meditation.
10.Keep a distance from those who give you negative emotions but never resent them.
11.Don't compare yourself to others.You will never know your potential if you don't stop.
12."The biggest failure in life is trying to fail ".Remember this.
13."I cried because I had no shoes until I saw someone who had no feet .".Never complain.
14.Plan your day.It will take a few minutes but will save you time.
15.Sit quietly for a few minutes every day.I mean, sit by yourself.Just yourself.Magic will flow.
16.In a healthy body, there is a healthy heart.Don't litter.
17.Eat home cooked food for a month.
18.Keep the body hydrated at any time.Practice drinking 8-10 glasses of water.
19.Develop the habit of eating at least one raw vegetable salad every day.
20.Take good care of your health."People who have health have hope, people who have hope have everything ".
21.Life is short.Life is simple.Don't complicate it.Don't forget to smile.
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