why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Gesture And Double Your Communicating Skills

why is it important to mask our facial expressions How to Gesture And Double Your Communicating Skills

It doesn't sound like a school teacher?If you go to the doctor, he says your x.
Happier than he said the result was vicious, right?Being benign means being healthy, good, favorable or friendly.
On the other hand, it means bad, harmful, sick, or fatal.But you know.If your doctor says the result is benign, air-
Index finger capital letter B plus number 9 (B 9) smile?Voice plus gesture places the experience in long-
Improve communication up to 3 times.

Their learning function has almost tripled.Hunter-
Bring bacon home by co-hunting and ape.

A predator that can kill the elephant.
present-The celestial image of Siberia, North America, or northern Europe.
Our single-flying ancestors did not return from hunting.

Tribe for a whole month
Encircle and kill the prey.

And personal relationships.Our brains learn the best from mental pictures.
For a new idea or plan, you need an image or a spiritual film.
Or hear the word cow, your brain will produce a picture of the cow.If the concept or word is new to you, (say-rejuvenate) your prefrontal cortex has to imagine a new image linking the idea to the picture, otherwise you don't understand or remember the concept.It may not be interesting if you hear the phrase "rejuvenate", but if you associate a picture of a young man with a verb, you lock it because it means being young.
A few words, you're-performing.
Speak out to the scene-there!Now you have made a strong speech.Dr.
2010, 01.
Comprehension.For example, a good speaker who wants to be promoted in a career will consciously use gestures.
Gestures are better than using the phrase "what they do is not good" to express your views on your competitors.
Gesture plus the word "ugly!”?Chopping board and hand washing are simple gestures.
Nose-Pick up and point to your nose.
A page in imaginationTracing back to the source is equal to the real experience of practice.
Learning and Memory
self-assessment.It produces mastery of a subject.When spoken and gestures match each other, the comprehension ability of students and adults is doubled.Your brain is aligned (like a car) and synchronized (in-sync).You are smarter because you are a great communicator.
Motivation, influence, and persuasion, right?What about your career?One-
Answer-promotionRemember the old ad on the Yellow Pages-"Let your finger walk?"Here we learn to let your hands speak.University of Chicago and its lead author Susan Golding
Published research 3.06.09 in the Journal of Psychological Science
Making gestures gives children new ideas about math.
One side of the equation equals the other.The second group: the same above words plus V-gestures
Point to the answer space (blank ).
Focus on the wrong numbers.It's not complicated, and the results are powerful.
Connect it to the right word and you almost win 3 times.These gestures enable children to extract the right knowledge from what they have learned.
or read.It is their own gestures that produce positive results, not the talent of the teacher.Influence and expand learning and memory.We have recommended the use of gestures to executives at Fortune 100.
They are now suggesting to all of them that this is a positive strategy.
Promotion in your career?
Not just an ordinary learner, but an expert?Please request our free report on fast reading strategies to improve your personal productivity.This will only be done if you intend to use your brain for the next 10 yearsyears.
Start now, or forget about it.See all copyright©2010 H.Wexler www.speedlearning.Org hbw @ speed learning.org---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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